You need to run a computer.

OPEN SUGARBOWL to find some money in it. GET MONEY and GO BROAD street to leave the house. GO DEPT to go to the department store and GO TOY to see what’s on offer. BUY VIC and leave the store with GO BROAD. Now you need a TV to connect to your computer.

GO FRIEND to see he has a TV but it’s broken. GET TV and GET SCREWDRIVER. To fix the TV, GO BROAD to the main street and GO HOME to enter your own house and use the phone to CALL REPAIR.  Here you will get instructions on where to have the TV fixed.

GO BROAD and GO DEPT to enter the department store. GO REPAIR to get the TV fixed. GO BROAD to leave the store and GO JOE to get a program for your computer. ORDER PROGRAM and it’ll be send to your home. GO BROAD  where you’ll find your mailbox. GO MAILBOX to see the program has arrived. GET PROGRAM and GO BROAD. Now you have all the parts you can assemble it.


GO HOME and DROP VIC. Then DROP TV SET and DROP PROGRAM. To connect everything, TURN SWITCH and CONNECT TV SET and when asked to what answer VIC. Now  LOAD PROGRAM and  RUN PROGRAM to start the adventure game.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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