Note: The title of the game is acronym for “Collection of Most Awful Things that Could Ever Happen on St.Valentine’s Day”

You need to get the Valentines present to your girlfriend.

Walk north towards the house and expect the expected.  Downstairs talk to the nun to learn about your location and about her and her age. Also you can find out what is going to happen to you. When you know everything, tell the nun you need to prepare and she’ll leave.

Use the wooden box on the left and take the BROOM and the SHOTGUN out. Use the broom on the trapdoor to knock the lock open and use the trapdoor to go to the room above. There’s the nun again. Use the shotgun on her to threaten her and when she has moved away from the door, you pick up the PRESENT and get out. But then disasters strikes (again..).


Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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