On the floor is a BROKEN FAUCET. Pick it up. Open the top drawer on the right to find the CORKSCREW. On the cooker at the bottom of the screen is a OVEN MITT. Take it and also take the ULTIPAN from the cooker.

Use the cupboard left of the fridge to find the UNPOPPED POPCORN. Use the unpopped popcorn with the microwave. When it beeps, use the microwave to get the POPPED POPCORN. Put the popped popcorn in the oven mitt. Put the oven mitt on the counter to the right of the sink and the elf can jump right on.


Use the door on the right to enter the garden. In the treehouse you can find a toolbox. Try to take it and it will fall down. Take the SCISSORS that fell out. On the branch where the tire is hanging on, there’s a book. Use the elf in your inventory on the BOOK to let him take it. Look at the book in your inventory and find two pages: CLOCK INSTRUCTIONS and the PIPE INSTRUCTIONS.

Undress the snowman: take his HAT, the CARROT and his HEAD.

Use the scissors on the tire swing to cut it down. Use the elf on the ROPE to let him untie it. Pick up the TIRE. Put the tire on the left seat of the see-saw. Use the head of the snowman on top of the tire. Use the right seat of the see-saw to climb on and when balancing use the rope on the branch with the monkey wrench. Climb down the see-saw and use the rope to tie it to the right seat of the see saw. Use the elf to get the MONKEY WRENCH.

Use the corkscrew on the trunk of the tree to make a hole. Put the broken faucet in the hole. Use the ultipan on the faucet to secure the fuacet and use the hat of the snowman on the faucet to get some SAP out. Then  return to the kitchen.


Use the carrot with the elf so he can take a bite. Use the remainder of the carrot with the hat with sap to make it sticky and then put the carrot in the leak opening in the sink. Then you need to fix the clock and the sink fast.

Reading the intructions of the clock, you can find six colours: grey, red (read),black, white, blue (blew), green (greenbags). You can also get six numbers: six, one, two (too), four (for), three, five. So this is the order and the colours for assembling a clock. But you need to disassemble so use it in reverse. The solution:

Grey (6), Green (5), White (4), Blue (3), Black (2), Red (1).

Now on to the water. Read the instructions as well. Open the cupboard under the sink and look at the pipes. You need to adjust seven pipes in order to stop the water. All valves should point to close. The solution:

3, 5, 1 & 7.

Just in time to prevent the other room from flooding.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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