When you work together you can build a christmas tree.

Let the neighbor on the left take the AXE from the trunk. Give the axe to the neighbor on the right. The neighborb on the right has to cut and trim the TREE. Put the tree on the cross on the fence.

On the right side of the stable is a bundle of wire. Let the neighbor on the left get the WIRE and use the wire on the tree.Let the neighbor on the right get the PAINT and give the green paint to the neighbor on the left.

Let the neighbor on the left use the green paint with the compressor. Let him take the DRIED RICE STALKS and use these with the compressor to paint them green. Then use the greenrice stalks with the tree. Let him also get the thee BELLS from the cows and use these on the tree.


Take the LADDER from the ground and give it to the neighbor on the right. Let him use the ladder to the roof of the shed. Climb the ladder to get the KITE from  the roof. Use the axe with the kite to take the TAIL off and use the tail of the kite with the tree.

Behind the fence is a garbage can. Use the can to find the plastic SWORD. Use the sword with the tree to finish it off. Have a Merry Christmas.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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