Chaos Engine (Virgin Interactive/1992)


Hex Editing

Unlimited Lives:
use UNP decomp CHAOS.EXE.
Search 26 28 44 48 you will find 4 occurrences of this group, change the last 3 times to: 90 90 90 90.

Money Not Reduced :
Use UNP decomp CHAOS.EXE.
Go to sector 84 offset 351 – 353 change 66 89 04 to 90 90 90.
Use UNP decomp CHAOS.EXE.
First look for Byte no. E306 in the file. You should find a value 9A there. Replace the byte string 9A4901 there with E9AC01. (9A4901xxxx is actually a CALL to display the screen that asks for the pass-code. E9AC01 is a JMP rel16 to the next level, bypassing the aforesaid screen.)

Hex Edits are used completely at own risk. Ultimate Game Solutions can in no way be held responsible for any consequence or damage in whatever form or shape resulting from this text. Always make backups.

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