Feed your favourite cow. Take the KEY from the tabel. Next to it is a ROPE. In the bag behind you you hide your GUN. Take it. Walk to the right and find Buttercup’s missing. Use the doors on the right to leave the shed.

Walk to the yellow building. The door is locked so use the key on the door and go inside. An old person has problems with her tooth. Use the rope on the person to relieve her from pain.As thank you you get a CLOVER to bring to the leprachaun.

The tooth fell on the floor. Pick up the TOOTH and take the MARSMELLOW from the table. Leave the room on the left and go to the upper left to the trees. When you get there you see a leprachaun. Give the clover to him and you’ll get POISON in return to get past the bear.

Walk to the south and go all the way to the right and enter the cave. Beware of the bear. Use the poison with the marsmellow and feed it to the bear. Bye bye bear. Walk further to the right, enter the hut on the right and meet a cannibal. Talk to him and learn that you can have your cow if you give a tooth. No problem. Give the cannibal the tooth from the old person and you’re able to continue. Walk further to the right and open the doors to be reunited with Buttercup.


Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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