You’re inside a cow.

In front of you are three CELLS: one big one, a banana shaped one and one egg shaped one. Pick them up and walk to the right. A donut is blocing your way.  Use the biggest cell on the donut to digest it and you can walk further to the right. There’s a tootpick stuck on the side. Use the egg shaped cell on the toothpick to throw it down. Now you can pick up the TOOTHPICK.

Use the plastic bag and a bubble of gas will pop out. Take the GAS and walk further to the right. You’re now in front of an acid pit. You can’t cross it like that. Use the toothpick on the pit as bridge and you’re on your way further to the right.

In the next part, a green blob is blocking the exit. Use the banana shaped cell on the blob and it’ll move. Walk over the pit to go down. You now reached the intestine. On the right is a large tapeworm not looking too happy. Enter the room next to the worm and pick up the GLASS. Walk to the south to leave the room again and use the entrance next to it on the left.


Here you’ll find a SULPHUR MOLECULE. Pick it up and leave the room again. Go to the next room to the left. Pick up the PHOSPHORUS MOLECULE and use the glass on the bottle of Jack Daniels to get some WHISKEY. Leave the room on the south and enter two rooms to the right again. In your inventory combine the two molucules to get a STICK and use the stick on the red rosin on the right. You now have a burning stick. Leave the room on the south and visit the angry tapeworm again.

Give the whiskey to the worm (click behind the head of the worm) but he’s not really happy with it. Use the match on the whiskey and the worm will go up in flames. Walk further to the right to reach the nerve system. It’s like a kind of maze. Just walk over the lines to the lower right of the screen. You then finally reach the exit of the cow. But.. it needs a bit of help so use the gas on the black hole to leave the cow.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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