You need to find a way to get home.

Look at the car to find the tires punctured. You can’t use that one. Look at the sewerage grating on the right to find something in there but it’s too dark to see what. Walk to the right to the back street. There’s a small building but it’s closed. In the windowsill there’s a LIGHTER. Take it as it might come in handy.

Walk down to return to the warehouse and use the lighter on the sewerage. Your gun’s there but you can’t reach it. Walk to the right again and take the ANTENNA from the roof. How convenient they stored the ladder there. Walk south again back to the warehouse.

Use the antenna on the sewerage to get your GUN out of it. Use the gun on the door control. You’re suggested to find another way but there isn’t any so try again. Again, you don’t want to waste any bullets but when you try a third time, you’ll finally shoot the control.  Use the door control after the smoke has gone and the door opens.

Look at the warehouse to go inside and use the door of the office on the left to enter. Take the VAN KEYS from the desk and use the toolbox in the corner to get a pair of PLIERS and a KNIFE out. Leave the office again by using the door and walk to the boxes on the left. Use the boxes to get a coil of WIRE from it. Walk north to leave the storage unit.

Walk all the way to the left to find the van parked in the back. Use the keys on the mini van and when you try to use the keys in the ignition, you find out that the battery is dead. Walk to the left and then to the front of the warehouse. Use the hood of the useless car and take the BATTERY out.

Walk left to the back again to return to the van and in your inventory use the pliers on the coil of wire to cut a piece from it. Tie the cut piece to the battery. Use the battery on the mini van to get going.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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