You’re late for Lapaset and you need to find a way of transportation.

On the bench on the right is a roll of TAPE. Pick it up. Use the boxes on the left to push the crate with cola on the floor. Pick up the COLA. On the wall on the left is a SWORD. Take it from the wall. Look at the boy. You can smell he has Menthos. Talk to the boy and ask for his Mentos. He won’t give it. Use the sword on him to threaten him and you’ll get the MENTHOS.

Time to travel. Use the cola on the chair and you’ll use the tape to stick it on. Use the Menthos with the cola to react and use the chair to take off. Once in the air try to avoid the birds until you’ve reached Finland. You made it ‘just’ in time.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.


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