You are locked in a barn for a week. But you’re not going to stay there.

Open the dark lamp in the center of the screen. Use the match you are carrying on the blue dark box right of the haystack. Use the lit match with the open lamp and there was light.

Move the open box on the right to find something underneath. It’s a SCROLL. Pick it up. Look at the scroll. It’s encrypted so unreadable. Close the open box and find something stuck to the lid. It’s a piece of PAPER. Take it. On the big blue box is a piece of WOOD. Pick it up.

Look at the bucket with water on the left. Use it to find a MAGNET at the bottom. Use the magnet with the haystack. At first you find a HAMMER, then a heavy duty FILE. Use the white rope in front of the haystack with the overhang above the door on the left. Use the hammer on the loose floorboards left and right of the door to loosen then. Move the boards to create two holes. Use the end of the rope on the overhang on the floorboard in the middke to tie it down. You can now climb into the attic. But it’s very dark. We need to make some light first.

Use the door on the left to go into the kitchen. Look at the alchemical book on the stand on the right to learn more about elements, ingredients and recipies. There’s one for making light! Take the ingredients you need from the shelf on the left and there are three shelves against the back wall. There’s also a shelf with two BOTTLES, a green and yellow one. Take the ingredients needed (or take them all) and use them in order on the pot standing on the stove in the middle. When done you should have one bottle with ALCOHOL and one with a POTION.

Leave the kitchen on the right and use the rope to climb into the attic. Use the bottle with weird stuff to put it on the ground. Open the bottle to add air and then use the bottle with alocohol on the potion on the floor to create light.

Move the clamp standing on the box to discover the WIRE under it. Take it and also take the BOOK standing on the shelf against the back wall. Also take the SPADE against it. Now for the door on the left. Look at the keyhole. There is a key in the lock but the opening under the door isn’t big enough to let the key under. Use the heave file on the door. Use the paper on the door to slide it under and use the wire in the keyhole to push the key out. It falls on the paper and the gap is now big enough for you to move the paper and retreive the KEY.

Use the key on the door on the left to unlock it and then open it. Look at the book you picked up and open it. Look at the numbers in the corner.

NOTE: Due to a bug in the game, you can’t close the book anymore. Instead press CTRL-X and select 6 – Room 3.

Use the Decrypto 900 on the left: look at the label to read the instructions. Then talk to the talk point. It will activate the machine. First select option 1 to do a diagnostics test, then press 2 to read instructions. You’re going to need a password?!?

Use option 3 to exit. Use the encrypted scroll on the slot of the machine. Use the panel to enter the password you’ve read in the book. The scroll is now decrypted.

Use the decrypted scroll on the pirate’s chest to unlock it. Then open the chest and find an AXE HEAD. But it isn’t sharp.

Go back through the fancy door on the right and use the axe head on the clamp on the table. Then use the heavy duty file on the head to sharpen it. Take back the sharpened axe head. Use the piece of wood from the inventory to create a complete AXE. Go through the door on the left again. Use the hatch in the ceiling to climb up the roof.

Walk to the right where you can see a precarious rock. When you walk towards it to pick it up… you’ll fall through the roof. Climb the rope again into the attic, use the door on the left and then the hatch in the ceiling. You’re on the roof again. Walk to the right. Now you have to find a way to cross that gap. Use the spade with the gap as a bridge and walk to the other side. When you pick up the rock it will slide down the roof. Go to the left and climb the hatch.

Use the fancy door to go back into the attic and use the rope to climb down. Use the axe on the door on the right to make an opening to exit. Now be carefull! As soon as you step out the door, pick up the ROCK that’s lying next to the building and throw it at Cinder. But you have to be quick before he turns you into stone.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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