You’re in a balloon but won’t get higher. It’s because that stupid pig is hanging on the basket. You’re too heavy. Another problem: you can’t use your arms. So pushing him off is out of the question. Then there’s only one alternative: patience. He’ll get tired in the end.

Talk to the pig. Talk all you can (and you can talk an awfull lot!!). Keep talking. You never knew you had it in you. Keep those stories coming. Eventually, start reciting teenage goth poetry. What else can you do? So when you’re about to recite the third poem, the pig can’t hold any longer and let the basket go. The balloon will rise immediately.

The balloon won’t stop rising until a flock of spacestorks will destroy the balloon. Luckily you survive.  But you still can’t move.  Use your hate on yourself. It’s only yourself to blame.

Hey, the hate thought made you move a bit. Note that in your actions there now also is a hate-to option.

A set of comets will pass by. Fortunately they didn’t kill you. Use your hate-to power on the damaged basket or on the comet-path. This will make that the next comet to pass by will pick you up and take you towards the sun. You win!

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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