You’re snowed in in your garage. Take a look at the little window and look at the hinges. Try to pull the window open. It won’t work because the hinges are so rusted, you can’t open it. So we need to find another way.

On the wall on the right is a large crate. Your chainsaw is in there, unused since you don’t have the key of the box. Let’s see what we can find to open the lock.

It takes some effort, but on the floor, under the counter, is a HAIRPIN. Pick it up and use it on the lock of the wooden box. The lock requires a combination: first to the right, then down, then up and finally left. The lock will open and you can inspect the chainsaw. Use the chainsaw to look closer.

It has an oiltank and a fueltank. You have no fuel to run the chainsaw but maybe you can use the oil as lubricant for the hinges. Take the cap off the oiltank. It’s stuck. Leave the chainsaw for now, we need to find some tools first.

Look over the counter. On the wall is a WRENCH. If we want to take the oil out, we need something to put it in… Look at those paint cans. That would be a nice container for the oil but there’s still paint in it. Nevertheless, take a can of PAINT. If we want to use this bucket, we need to open it first. On the counter is a SCREWDRIVER. Pick it up and use it on the can. The lid will come off. But where to leave the paint? Look around and notice the big red vacuumcleaner. Looks like a big wastebin. Push the machine to take the lid off the vacuumcleaner. Use the paint bucket with the vacuum cleaner to empty it so you have an empty bucket.

Go back to the wooden box and use the chainsaw to have a closer look. To open the oil tank use the wrench on the oil cap. Use the empty bucket on the oiltank to take the OIL out. Now all we have to find is something to apply the oil with.

Open the middle cabinet under the counter by pushing the doors. This will reveal a flashlight and a brush. Take at least the BRUSH. Use the brush on the can with oil and then use the brush on the hinges of the window. You automatically try to open the window and yes! You’re outside again.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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