When Boma wants to know how much you can pay, give the amulet from your inventory to her. In order to speed up the process you need to get her some smartweed, cobweb, cattail and kindling. Walk north from the hut and find Kira playing. Talk to her and tell her to come along. Walk to the left to the hut and walk south to leave the hut and at the white stone go south again. At the end of the path is a large STICK. Pick it up. Walk north back to the stone and walk to the right where you find a bend in the road.

Walk south twice and at the end of the path is a ROCK. Take the rock. Walk south again and you’ll see large spiders and their web. Talk to Kira and ask her if she can get the spider out of the web. Give her the stick and she’ll use it to remove the spider. Talk to Kira again and ask her the stick back. There’s cobweb all over the stick. Use the stick on yourself to remove the COBWEB.

Walk south past the opening and to the right into the forest. You’ll ask Kira to stay behind. Walk south and next to the branches is an old metal BOWL. Take it and walk further to the right. In the middle it looks like someone tried to make a bonfire. Use it to get the KINDLING from it. Go to the left twice and then north to reach a swamp. At the level of the dead tree is a CATTAIL on the right. Walk north and to the right at the bottom and then you’ll find another CATTAIL on the left of the screen. Walk to the left and  north again.  At the bottom, on the far left you can find a sandy  RUSH. Leave on the left and you’ll reach the location where Kira was playing at first. There’s a venomous snake in the river.

Throw the rock at the snake and she’ll run off. Walk north along the stream to reach another large dead tree. Just to the right of the tree is some SMARTWEED. Walk south and left to return to the hut. Give the smartweed, the cobweb, the kindling and one of the cattails to Boma. That’s all needed and everyone is ready to go. That is, if you can find Kiri.

Walk south, to the right, the times south, through the opening to the right, south and right and next to the bonfire you find Kiri. She has cut her hand so use the cloth from your inventory to take the dirt out of the wound. During the night Kiri gets sick. The next morning Boma looks at the wound and Kiri but can’t help anymore.  On his way to the village Boma will give you an ATAPI STONE. You need to ask the Atapi for help.

Walk north to the big stone and use the atapi stone on the white stone. The stone will start to talk to you. Ask the stone Atapi “HELP” and the stone atapi will show you he knows about the sick girl. The Atapi will also tell you that the big water Atapi can provide a cure. You will need magic earth, metal, water, air, wood and fire. If you give earth to the stone Atapi, he’ll turn it into magic earth. If you find all Atapi, they will give you magic. When you give that to the big water Atapi, she can help you.

Walk north to the hut and grab some SAND from the ground. Return south to the stone and give the dirt. It’s turned into MAGIC EARTH. Walk north to the hut and north again to the river. Use the Atapi stone on the river and talk to her. When she asks if you know her, say “YES”. She knows about you and the sick girl. She wants to help and asks you to take the water and bring it to the Big Water Atapi. Fill the bowl with MAGIC WATER. Walk north and look at the dead tree. Use the Atapi stone with the tree to talk to her.

When the tree asks if you can speak, answer “YES” and then talk to the tree again. The tree is also sick and if she asks for help, answer “YES” again. The tree asks for water so pour the bowl with water onto the tree and she’s healed. Now ask for “HELP” from the tree. Give the stick to the tree and you’ll get some MAGIC WOOD.Walk left back to the hut.

Talk to Kiri and ask if Boma told her what’s happening. After the conversation, walk south, to the right and south twice. The wind is blowing now. Use the Atapi stone on the wind to talk to it. The Wind Atapi starts with a greeting and then Yes? and No. Then Big? Reply with “LITTLE”. It’s ok. So the wind wants to play and hear the opposite of each word.Talk again and hear ‘Female’, so reply with “MALE”. Talk again, this time hear ‘South’ so answer “NORTH”. Again talk to the wind and she’ll tell you ‘Give’. Answer “TAKE”. Talk once more and get ‘Good’ so say “BAD” back. Then it’s enough. The wind gives you the MAGIC AIR.

Walk south and through the opening to the right. On the ground is a small clearing and when you walk past it, you feel the warmth of the sun. Use the Atapi stone on that spot on the floor and you can talk to an Atapi. After the greeting, ask for “HELP” and the Atapi will help you. It can give you magic fire. If you can give metal, you’ll get fire. You can find it in the woods.

Walk south and then to the right to find a man sitting on the ground. Talk to the man and he’ll think you’re a bandit. Talk to the man again and he’ll explain about his caravan. Ask him all about it and learn about the axe. He’ll also tells you that he can find his caravan if he’d had wings. You can’t borrow the axe. Walk to the left three times and through the opening to the north.

The wind is still blowing, so talk to the wind and say: “PLURAL WATER MORTAL”. The wind will tell you she knows where the caravan is. They went north. Walk south and go through the opening to the right. Walk south and to the right again to return to the man at the bonfire. Talk to the man and tell him you know where the caravan is. When he wants proof, show him the Atapi stone. As thanks you’ll get the Atapi in the AXE.

Use the metal bowl on the axe and you’ll have MAGIC METAL. Walk to the left twice and use the cattail you have left with the small clearing. Use the rush from your inventory with the bowl to polish it and use the bowl on the clearing as well to reflect the sunlight and light the cattail. You now have MAGIC FIRE.

Walk south, north through the opening and north twice again. Then to the left to the big stone. Go north to the hut and north again to the river. Use the bowl on the river to take the MAGIC WATER and use the Atapi stone on the river to talk. Ask “BIG WATER ATAPI” and you’ll get directions where to find her. Go to the right three times through the water. Use the water here to address the Big Water Atapi. And just as nothing seems to happen….

Walk south through the pond and onto the grass. Put all your magic belongings near the small tree: the bowl with water, the earth, the burning cattail and the stick and then talk to the tree to spread the magic air over it. Now all magic items are with the tree you’ll walk into the water to meet the Big Water Atapi. Different than expected. Give her the cloth with Kiri’s blood on it and you’ll get the VIAL with magic potion back. Now you need to spread it over the world.

Once back in the swamp, walk south three times to leave the swamp and you’ll run into the Wood goddess. Use the axe of her to frighten her and she’ll run. Walk south again and through the opening north. Give the vial with water to the wind and she’ll spread it. But then you’re hit by the Wood goddess again.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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