Arkanoid (Taito Corporation/1988)


During the game, type RUNCHEAT for infinite lives.

Start the game. While playing you can get access to cheat mode by doing:

Pauze the game with the spacebar. Then type DSIMAGIC (no return) and press Save Space to continue. A yellow capsule “DS” will come down. Catch it. The next keys will then be available to drop capsules at any time:

B-Break (Opens gates and bonus points)
C-Catch (Holds the ball)
D-Disruption (Devides ball in three)
E-Expand (Makes the bat wider)
L-Laser (Gives a laser to be fired with the mousebutton)
P-Extra Player (Adds an extra player)
S-Slow (Slower ball speed)

Press F and you’ll go to the last level to fight Doh. Make sure you have enough lives. You can skip any level by pressing [ENTER] on the numeric pad.

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