Mum’s preparing Thanksgiving dinner and misses one chair at the table. She also sees her cinnamon whirls flying out the door. You must get them both.

Talk to Isaiah. Chat about his headache and ask if he has seen the whirls. He has and when the conversation is over he walks to mum’s house but drops a bucket of paint. Pick up the PAINT and walk to the right.

Meanwhile Isaiah arrives at the house and talks to mum. When mum is away, use the painting on the wall to create a painting with vision.

Back in the desert Niro pops up. Also talk to him. He lost his sword. He hasn’t seen the cinnamon swirls. After the conversation, walk further to the right. Niro walks off and can barely jump away for the car mother is driving. It was Clyde who stole the chair and the swirls be you’ll get them back! Then she drives off again.


Walk further to the right. There’s Silo. He’s looking for Isaiah. Since Silo is stealing powers, you don’t want to tell him you’ve seen him but when Silo mentions the lost paint, you tell him about the thanksgiving dinner.

Go further to the right. Since you’re tired of walking, you’ll fly to Mr. Bonnets house. The house is a mess. Ask him about his daugter but she’s dead. Her parts are scattered over the place. But she can be alive again once you find all her parts. Climb the ladder to get to the roof. Look at the gutter. There are a lot of dead leaves. Besides the leaves you also find Chloes ARM. Take it and also take one of the loose TILES that are on the roof.  Look at the skylight. Left of it are some tiles that came loose. Looking at them you find Chloes EYE under it. But you don’t want to pick it up with your hands.

Use the tile on the striped spot left of the hole to scoop Cloes eyeball up and then climb down the ladder again.Give the eye back to Mr. Bonnet and you’ll get a TOOTH in return. Give the arm also the Mr. Bonnet and he can put Chloe back together again. Talk to Mr. Bonnet again and ask for the chair and the cinnamon swirls. He’ll send you to Rajinder. Leave the house and walk to the right.

You’ll land at Rajinders place and must look for Clyde. Since the door is open you can go inside. You find an empty room. Nobody home. The door on the right is locked so you can’t go there. Talk to the door to see if Rajinder is behind it. He isn’t.

The you hear Clyde moving around the room. But you can’t see him. Use the bucket of paint on the spot where you hear him. You might have to try a few times but in the end Clyde gets the bucket of paint over him.

Talk to Clyde and ask all reasons for his actions. You’ll get all the items he stole back so Niro gets his SWORD, and Isaiah gets another bucket of PAINT. Ask for the cinnamon whirls again but no luck. Show the tooth to Clyde and tell him you lost it while eating the whils. He imedeately gives the WHIRLS back to you.

You return home and everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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