You’re inside the office and your door is locked.

Use the box of office supplies on your desk. Out comes a PAPERCLIP. Use the same box again to get a PENCIL. Use the fancy chrome cabinet to get the files out and use the files to get a piece of PAPER. Use the chrome cabinet again to get more files, and again for more until you finally find a HAMMER. Use the paper on the door.

Use the paperclip on the door and take the PAPER again. You now also have the KEY. But the key doesn’t fit the door.

Use the wooden cabinet below to find your tacle box. Use the tackle box to open it. Use it again to  get your KNIFE. Once more and you get the FISHING HOOKS. Use your knife on the crappy net on the desk to get a STRING. Use the hook in your inventory on the string (the other way around doesn’t work) to make a GRAPPLING HOOK.

Use the fridge door to open it and use the fridge (not the door) to find a FORK. Use the hammer on the microwave and you can take the whole MICROWAVE.

Use the key on the window on the right and you can climb onto a balcony.

Use the microwave on the ledge and outlet to plug it in. Use your fork with the microwave to let it explode and numb the bird. Use the grappling hook with the roof to climb up.

Fortunately you still got your hammer. Use the hammer on the rail to get a BAR-PIECE. Use the bar-piece with the city behind the rail to throw it down.

When someone shouts at you, use the hook to climb down onto the balcony again and use the window to return to the office. There’s a big guy. Use the paper on the guy to cut him and make your escape.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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