You should try to get inside. There’s a party going on and since you have your prison suit, they won’t notice you. Talk to the doorkeeper. What’s that? An invitation. Uh oh. Nope. Look around look at the drunk at the wall. Talk to him. Not much sense. Search the boy and find his INVITATION. Show the invitation to the doorkeeper. He’ll let you in now.

The Living Room:

Look around. There are all kinds of goodies on the table. Take a GLASS of punch. A handbag. Let’s see what’s inside. Oops. Not yours. It’s Wonder Girls’. Talk to Wonder Girl. Maybe there’s a way to get her out of here so we can take the purse. We are on the run after all. Talk about the tattoo. So she doesn’t think there should be a tattoo? We’ll see. Leave the screen on the south and go to the Hall, then on to the Library on the right.


The Library:

Look at all those books. There are the Comic Mosquito’s as well. They have the Wonder Girl strip in them. Take a COMIC. Leave the library and go back to the living room. Give the comic to Wonder Girl and show her page 13. So she has a tattoo. Wonder Girl leaves to get a tattoo. Now we can take the purse. That is, look what’s in it. A STENGUN. Take it and leave to the hall again. Quick into the library because someone is coming. Go to the right.

Inspector Callahan has found the location and is after you. You’ve got to wait until he’s gone or until you have a chance to….

Go back to the hall and on to the first floor.

The first floor:

From the balcony you can see the doorman standing outside. He has a gun so no chance to escape there. Maybe there’s another way. Open the door to the balcony.  One of the pillars has a crack. Now if there’s a way to distract the doorman, maybe we can escape. Throw your glass over the balcony to Mary. The doorman’s attention is caught and he moves a little but not much. Or just enough? Use the third pillar with the crack to knock out the doorman. You can go!

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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