You need to find the MacGuffins to prevent the world from ending.

Enter Scid’s on the left and talk to George. Ask him about the MacGuffins to find out what it is you’re looking for. Talk to Max Griff to see if he can tell you more about the MacGuffins but he can’t. He’ll tell you about the Boots but won’t give you the key of the warehouse. Talk to George again and ask him if he has something to spike Max’s drink. He hasn’t.

Leave the bar and walk to the right. Enter the office next to the Post Office and talk to Jhon Steel. He won’t tell you much about the MacGuffins but gives you a BOOK that should give some answers. Look at the book to see the strange text.Leave the office and enter the General Store next to it. Talk to Phil behind the counter and ask for something to sleep. He’ll eventually give you some SLEEPING PILLS.

Leave the store and go back to Scid’s on the left. Go inside and use the sleeping pills on the drink of Max. He’ll pass out and you can search his body to take the KEYS to the warehouse.


Open your notepad and select the woods on it. There are several paths leading into the woods and you need to decide which path to follow. Have a look in your book and select the paths that have the corresponding flowers: red, purple, blue, green. Talk to Mary and she’ll help you if you help her at the ravine.  Continue following the colors yellow, purple and red. You’ve now reached the center of the woods.

You ask the kitten for the skull but then you need to pass a test first.  You need to hit the kittens popping out of the bush. There’s no time limit so easiest is to keep your hand in one place and wait for the kitten to appear, then strike. When you’ve succeeded you can take the SKULL.

Walk through the arch and use any path to get back to the beginning of the forest. Now you need to find Mary. Walk into the woods again, this time follow red, purple and white. Mary will show up and ask you to hide. When you use the tree to hide behind, you’ll see the baron trying to catch Mary and wait at the ravine. When he’s waiting try to push him. You’ll fail and have to try to distract the baron.

Use the boots on the bushes and leave on the left. Return to the white path to reach the ravine again and hide behind the tree. As soon as the baron is distracted, push him into the ravine. Now you have to meet Mary at her place. Follow blue and green and you’ll find Mary. Talk to her and ask about the Sacred Picture of the Duck. She’ll tell you where to go.

Use the notepad to travel to town center and walk to the left to enter the alley. Talk to the bum and tell him to show the ducky. Now that you have all three MacGuffin’s in a BAG, you can go back to the mayor. Here  you get your next assignment.

Back in town walk to the right to follow Elandra. Use the door next to the newspaper box to enter the apartment block and find Elandra in the basement. She’ll tell about her new invention that can never fail. If you can show otherwise, you’ll get the flagpole. Use the machine to realize that this way you can never win.

Talk to Elandra and she’ll leave for a moment. Open the compartments under the machine and take the ROCK, PAPER and SCISSORS out. Put them back again but in different compartments. It shouldn’t be difficult to win now when Elandra returns. She’ll give you the FLAGPOLE.

Outside, use your notepad and select the church on it. Talk to … and she’ll let you climb the roof immediately. Use the flagpole on the roof and tie the bag with MacGuffin’s to the lightning rod. You saved the town.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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