Open the door to see who’s knocking.

Talk to the weirdo to find out what the problem is. He doesn’t want to talk yet so close the door and talk again. Now he’ll tell you about the danger. Ask him all you can and when he’s gone you decide to go to Scid’s. Use the door and walk out.

Leon comes in and tell you about the weirdo. Seems that you have to investigate now. Talk to Leon to find out more and then start the investigation.

First visit the crime scene. Use the door to open it and walk out. Walk all the way to the left into the alley. Look at the scratch on the wall above the tap. Use your multi tool on the crack to pry the BULLET out. Look at the hole in the fence. That’s where the bullet came from. Walk to the right, then north into the street to reach the other side of the fence. Use the barrel to see more scratches and find a BULLET CASING behind the barrel.


Walk north back into the streets of Reality, then enter Scid’s. Talk to Punk Allen and he’ll tell you what he saw. You should investigate the woods. Leave the bar and walk south to see the map. Select the police station just below town center. Talk to the weirdo and he’ll tell you about his jukebox. Ask about the jukebox and he’ll tell you about the Baron. Talk to Leon Evans and tell him about the bullet. He’ll make sure it’s send to the lab and will expect results tomorrow.Ask him about the jukebox and the Baron and he’ll suggest you should find out more about the jukebox.

Try to pick up the camera but then you should ask Leon first. Talk to Leon and ask about the camera. You can now pick up the CAMERA from the desk on the right to find an EMPTY BATTERY inside. Walk south to leave the station zoom out of the map, then select Baron Wolfgang’s manor in the upper left part of the map.

Talk to the Baron and ask him about his Jukebox. Frank Malone walks in and will have a word with the Baron. Ask the Baron more about the guns. When the Baron has told you all he knows, leave the mansion and go back to town. Select the town square on the map.

Walk to the yellow newspaper box on the far right of town and look at the paper to see the news about the stolen artifact. Walk to the left and enter the YahtzeeBrand General Store. You’ll overhear the conversation between Mika and Phil. Talk to Mika and she’ll tell you more about the robbery. After Mika has left, talk to Phil.

Ask him about the weirdo and  ask for batteries. Try to take a battery out of the box on the shelf and Phil will tell you about the security system. Talk to Phil again and ask him about the security system. He’ll then tell you about the weight. Talk to Phil once more, this time to distract him. As soon as he’s facing the other way, put the empty battery in the box, taking a NEW BATTERY out.

Leave the store on the left and walk south to see the map. Zoom out of the map and visit the forest.   Walk to the right and look at the footprints. In your inventory put the new battery in the camera. Use the camera on the footprints to make a PHOTO, then walk to the left and north to return to the map. Select the town on the map and visit the  museum just north of town.

Talk to Templeton and learn more about the robbery at the excavation site, the Orb and Wolfgang and Slocombe. Talk to him about the footsteps and he’ll look into it. After the conversation, leave the museum and you’ll have to wait until the next day.

Leave your office, walk south to see the map and select the museum on the map. Talk to Templeton again and ask about the footprints. He’ll tell you more and informs you about the Keeper of the Orb. After the conversation, walk south to leave the museum and select the police station on the map.

Talk to Leon about the bullet and learn about Malone and the Baron. That can only mean one thing. Use the computer to fond another tune for the weirdo to play so he doesn’t bother about his jukebox anymore. Use your multi tool on the jukebox to pry it open and find the Orb inside.You now explain all your findings to everyone.

When asked who did it, tell them the Baron let Malone steal it. Conclude eventually that there’s not much you can do other than wait for the Baron to make a mistake.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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