You need to come up with a good story to save the paper.

Walk to the left and talk to the secret agent. He doesn’t have a good story for you but… when you ask him about adventures, he says he does have a flame thrower. Leave him for now and walk to the post office on the right. You’ll find Phil here. Talk to him and ask him what he’s doing there. He’s watching the store and very hungry. Ask him if he wants to give you information of you can give him food.

Leave the post office for now and walk  north into the street next to the post office.  Walk into the town jail. There’s no one there but a huge cactus. Touch the cactus and you’ll bleed your own blood. Leave jail again and walk north left of jail to find Davy and Elandra at the bus stop.

Talk to them and ask for interesting facts. None there. Ask for a snack and Davy will tell you he can use magic to get you a hamburger. Sounds good. He needs some blood for that and since you touched the cactus, blood you have. Tell him about the bloody finger and he’ll make you a nice …. FROZEN STAKE.


Walk to the right twice to return to the main street of Reality and go to the secret agent. Give him the frozen meat and ask him to use the flame thrower to turn it into COOKED MEAT. Walk to the right and enter the post office. Give the meat to Phil and he’ll start suggesting names take can lead to interesting stories. But no matter who you ask about, none of the news is interesting enough to make front page news.

When all the names have been exhausted, take a break from it and give the steak to Phil again. A new list of names pops up and you can go through these as well. Until you hit the name of Mayor Gower comes up. Now here’s some information that you can work with. After Phil has told you all, leave the post office and enter the building next to it to bring the news to Larry. When Larry asks for another story you can tell all you want, he doesn’t want to publish…

[NOTE: This is where the game seems to end. You can’t leave the room and can’t talk to Larry any more so… game over.]

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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