You’re in a strange dream.

Talk to the Keeper to find out what he wants from you. You need to come to the board room and well prepared. When you wake up it seems that everyone has had the same dream. Look at the PDA and learn about all items. When you close the PDA it’s time t0 go to the meeting room.

You need to send the Sorrow of  the  M’roww  back to Reality together with a handwritten note. You must fix the teleportation device and find some paper and a pen. After the meeting you’re on the promenade. Walk south opposite the elevator and walk all the way to the left. Enter Skids and talk to the chef and he’ll tell you about the pen and paper. He’ll give you the PEN, but you need to find his keycard first to get ink and paper.

Talk to the man behind the bar and ask about the chef. He’ll tell you about the thing that the chef lost. Talk to the chef again and he’ll tell you about the night in jail.  Leave the room and walk to the right, then north. Walk to the left to find jail and talk to the man behind the counter.


Ask him about the chef and the bum and he’ll tell you that Chef Lucca didn’t bring a keycard.  Leave the jail and walk to the right  to the elevator.  Use the elevator and  go to the executive office where you will find the Baron. Talk to him and ask him about the Sorrow. He’ll give the STONE to you. Ask him about the keycard and he’ll tell you that Percival has one.

Leave the room again and  select conference room on the admin level.  Pick up the LASER PEN from the table. Talk to Percival and he’ll give you the spare KEYCARD. Leave the room and select the promenade on the map. Walk south and to the left to return to Skids. Give the keycard to chef Lucca and he’ll tell you to go to the restaurant.

Leave Skids and walk to the right. Enter Chez Chef and the chef will give you a piece of PAPER. Give him the empty pen and he’ll refill it for you. Leave the restaurant on the left and walk north to the elevator. Walk to the right and enter the Dayist Temple. Talk to ‘Davy’ on the right and he’ll dictate you a NOTE. Now you need to send it.

Leave the temple and walk to the elevator on the left. Go to the sick bay on the engineering level and put the note and the stone on the teleporter on the left. Use your multitool to open the panel on the left and see that it needs fixing. You need a CPU and wires for that. Walk south to leave the room and go to the maintenance room. Talk to Frank on the right and ask him about the wires.

Frank will suggest the broken down telecom terminal. Leave the room on the left and select the promenade. Walk south and to the right. All the way to the right enter the DBC. Talk to the bum and get his CD. Look at the CD to find a BLANK CD underneath. Leave the room and enter the Telecom room next to it.

Use the multi tool on the broken device on the left to get some WIRES out. Leave the room again.  Walk left and north to the elevator. Go to room 34, your own room.

Look at your PDA and read about the Gloomy Doom album and the happy days album. You also learn where you can find the album on your harddisk: /usr/etc/archive/hdays2175, music in the music folder, art in the aart folder. Put the Gloomy Doom cd in the computer next to your bed and select “burn cover”. As path, enter /usr/etc/archive/hdays2175/aart and you’ll find that the burner is damaged.

In your inventory use the multi tool on the laser pen to take the LENS out. Use the lens on the computer and insert the Gloomy Doom CD again. Choose “burn cover” again and enter the correct path again. You now have a Gloomy Doom album with a Happy Days label.

Leave your room and return to the promenade.  Walk to the south, then enter the Y-Brand store on the left. Talk to the man behind the counter and talk about his health and the music. Give him the Gloomy Doom CD of which he thinks it’s the Happy Days CD. The bot will overload and shut down.

Use your multi tool on the access panel in front of the bot to unlock it and use the pen without ink on the panel to keep it from sliding shut. Use the bot again to get his CHIP out. Leave the room, walk right and north to the elevator. Use the elevator and go to the sick bay on the engineering level.

Use the chip on the console and put the wires in. Now the machine is fixed. Davy will program the machine and then you can use the panel on the machine to send the note and the stone back to Reality.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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