There’s a tear in the Fabric of Reality. You need to find the point of origin.

Use the file cabinet on the left to get a FOLDER out. Use the folder on yourself to read that in Reality the first port of call would be Scid’s bar. Walk north to leave the office and enter the streets of Reality. Walk left and enter Scid’s bar.

Talk to George behind the bar and ask for information. Ask about the locals  in town and anyone in particular and learn about Michael Gower. Ask how it happened and you’ll learn about Davy. George will give you the KEYS of Davy’s parents. Better return them.

Leave the bar south and walk left into the alley. Talk to the bum and he’ll tell you all about bottled water. He’ll give you even a free sample in a BOTTLE OF WATER. Look at the bottle in your inventory to notice it’s not the best of samples.


Walk to the right and use the door of the house to the right of the Yahtzeebrand General Store and find it locked. Use the keys on the door to go inside. The living room’s empty but the entrance to upstairs has been blocked by magic signs on the wall. Fortunately they are easy to remove with stuff you get from the general store.

Walk south to leave the house and enter the Yahtzeebrand General Store. Talk to the man behind the counter and ask for chalk and blood. He has some but can only give it to you if you bring him something to drink. Give the bottle of water to him and he’ll … faint. Use the door of the back room to get some CHALK and a bottle of BLOOD.

Leave the store and use the keys on the house to the right again. Use either the blood or the chalk on the sign on the wall to remove the spell and walk up the stairs. After the conversation with the little boy, use the door on the right to enter Davy’s room.

Talk to Davy. Tell him about the keys of his father and then ask him how he resurrected Michael Gower. Davy will tell you the history and the location. You’ll end up at the entrance of the graveyard. Walk north to enter the graveyard and find the grave with the tear. Use your Stich to fix the tear.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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