You need to get into that shelter.

[NOTE: You can take the paper towel from the kitchen counter.  You won’t need it in the game but it’ll earn you 10 points (10/10).]

Walk to the door north and use the key from your inventory (TAB) to open the door and walk into the garage (10/20). In front of the car is a TIRE IRON. Take it (10/30) and use it to smash the window of the car (10/40). Now that the car is unlocked, you can take the KEYCARD (10/50).

Leave the garage and walk up the stairs on the right. On the landing there’s a thick security door but with the keycard you can open the door (10/60). Use the locker on the left to search it and find a BOOT DISK (20/80).

[NOTE: You can use the switch next to the door to reveal a holographic globe. It won’t do anything but earn you 10 points (10/90).]

Leave the secure room and walk into the master bedroom on the left. There’s a computer there and if you use the boot disk with the computer you’ll activate the domestic security system and will be able to access the basement (10/100).

[NOTE: Next to the computer is a telephone. If you use it you’ll hear a message and it’ll earn you 10 points. I’ve noticed that this doesn’t always work. If you use the telephone but don’t hear the dial tone, you won’t get points. Not figured out yet what caused it but it’s not essential for the game.  (10/110).]

Leave the bedroom, walk down the stairs and south towards the front door to reveal the stairs to the basement. Walk down and pick up the EMPTY JAR under the shelves (10/120).

Walk into the games room on the left and take the bottle of  WHISKY from the desk (10/130). Walk to the right into the exercise room. Use the transporter at the bottom (10/140) of the room to travel to the shelter.

Leave the transporter and walk through the door in the center. There’s a green machine with a big red button and when you use the machine a hologram of Cosmo will appear with a message for you (10/150). Use the teleport chamber to reach the moon base (10/160).

Walk to the ticket machine in the middle. Use it to get a TICKET and switch on the power (10/170). Grab a SPACE SUIT from the wall (10/180) and use the suit in your inventory to put it on (10/190). Use the elevator on the left to go to the moon base (10/200).

Next to the elevator is a shed. Walk into the shed and use the pile of WIRES to take some (10/210).  Leave the shed again.  There’s green liquid leaking from the barrel on the floor so use the empty jar from your inventory on the green goo and get some LIQUID (20/230). Next to the barrier at the bottom is a toll booth. Use it to get a COIN (10/240).

Walk north between the shed and the barrels to reach the space ship. North of the walkway is a telescope and if you use the coin with it you can get a nice view of the earth (10/250).

Walk into the space ship and look at the power generator on the left. Looks like some wires have been cut but at least you’ve got some spares. Use the wires on the generator to fix it (10/260). Climb the ladder all the way to the top of the ship and use the captain’s chair to strap yourself in (10/270). On the computer run the pre-launch diagnostics first and then initiate the launch sequence (10/280).

You’ve made it just in time. Once into space the the power generator will overheat. Climb all the way down to the ground floor of the rocket and use the jar with liquid from your inventory on the hot generator to cool it (20/300). Looks like you made it….

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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