The Intro:

Playing as the Shady Guy:

Talk to George and ask about town, Richie and himself. Then talk to Richie about himself, the band, George and Reality. Then you’ll suggest to order another drink.

Playing as Jackie Furlong:

You have to answer yes….

The Game:

[Note: actions required for the achievements are indicated with an *.]


Talk to Richie about the mugging. Ask about the money and ask when he arranged all this. Ask him about the end of The Spoons and about the synthesizer*.  Ask if there’s another way and Richie will tell you about the competition at K-Yatz to record in the studio. You need to look into that.

Ask Richie about his injuries to find there’s nothing that won’t heal. Then you’ll leave and start asking around.

Claudia at shop:

Before talking to Claudia, have a look at the road amps on the right and the guitar*. Look at the boom box, the CD cases and the stack of vinyl on the shelf. The look at the chalk outline. Now talk to Claudia.

Ask her about the mugging and she’ll tell you about the police. You’ll then ask her about Chris and she’ll tell you about Josh.

Paul Linders at K-Yatz:

Before talking, look at the studio window and the door to the studio. Look at the logo and the desk. Then talk to Paul to tell about Richie. Then ask about Richie and he’ll tell about Nick.

Ask about the double duty and he’ll tell you about the loss of income. He’ll tell you about Big Wave Dave and how he stopped advertising. You know him. Ask him if you can get Dave back on the air he’ll start the contest again. But if you gt Dave back, you can use the studio without the contest.

Ask him about the contest and he’ll tell you about Dave and George at the beach. You have to pay them a visit. Leave the studio south and visit

Nick Linders:

Before talking, look at the Korg Synthesizer*.  Also look at the amps and the drum kit. Also look at the logo, then talk to Nick. You’ll talk about the good and the bad and karma and when Nick asks what would come before Chris as a Bad Homo Erectus then answer Homo Habilis*.

You’ll ask if Nick will stay in the band and he will. Time for the next visit.

Richie in Hospital:

Talk to the nurse in training and she’ll tell you that Richie is getting a sponge bath* and that you need to come back later.  Leave the room and visit George.

George Watstatt:

George is not at Scid’s but Dave is behind the bar. Talk to him and he’ll tell you about the beach hut that George opened. So you’ll need to get to the beach.

George Watstatt:

At the beach you’ll see a discussion between Josh and Dave. Once Josh leaves to the right, follow him only to notice he’s gone out to sea already. How did he do that?

Now here’s the trick if you want to catch the bad guy: As soon as you return to Dave, walk over to the right again, this time to see Guido and a sheep in front of him. Once back at Dave, walk to the right again to see a robot. Repeat the process to see two man and a warthog. Repeat again and you’ll see Chef Lucca and his main course for tonight*.

Do it once more to see a pirate meeting and do it a final time to find a shady character snooping around in the changing booth. It’s suspicious and you should tell someone.

Sheriff Marilyn Morrison:

Talk to the sheriff and tell her what you saw. She’ll take it from here and investigate. You can now talk to George.

George Watstatt:

Ask George if he saw the mugger in his bar. Then ask him what he’s selling on the beach. Then ask him if he’s seen Chris. He must be on the beach somewhere.

Big Wave Dave:

Talk to Dave and ask about the deal with Josh. Then ask him what he wants to buy from Josh. It appears he wants his board back. Offer to help but Dave wonders if you can do it. Then ask him what he’ll do as a favor if you pull it off. He doesn’t know yet.

Tell him you’ll talk to Josh. Walk to the right and find Josh on the beach.

Josh Beachcomber:

Standing in front of the changing cabana walk south into the water* and walk all the way to the right to find the rocks*. Talk to Josh and ask him what hypnotic is. He’ll ask you if you’ve surfed before but you haven’t.

Ask him about Chris and he’ll tell you Chris will probably at the beach later tonight. He’ll also suggests you get some swim gear from George so he can show you how to surf.

Ask his side of the deal with Dave but he’s too happy with his board so doesn’t want to part with it. Leave Josh and walk back to the left and talk to George again.

George Watstatt:

Ask Josh about the swim gear and he’ll sell you a nice bikini. Now you need to change into it. Leave the bar and walk to the right and use the changing cabana to change into the bikini. Maybe Josh will listen now.

Josh Beachcomber:

Talk to Josh and ask about Chris again. He should be at the bar later tonight. Josh offers you to surf and you can’t refuse so answer ‘yes’.

After you’ve nearly drowned, Josh blames the board and wants to get rid of it. How convenient! Use the changing cabana to change back into your usual blacks and leave on the left and talk to Dave.

Big Wave Dave:

Tell Dave that Josh wants to have a word. Dave will leave and return a bit later with his board. He owes you one. Ask him how it went and he’s positive: he has his board back and made some money as well.

Ask him about the reward and tell him that K-Yatz wants him back on air. Dave can do that so he’ll call them straight away.  The he remembers that the sheriff wants a word with you.

Richie in Hospital:

Talk to the nurse in training and she’ll tell you that Richie is getting a sponge bath* and that you need to come back later.  Leave the room and visit Paul Linders.

Paul Linders at K-Yatz:

Talk to Paul and ask him about the call. Dave is back on air so you can use the studio. Ask him when and you can use it if you give him a call a couple of days in advance. Job done.

Chris Furlong:

Time to finally search for Chris at the beach.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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