You’re in a spooky forest with an old cloak and rotting leaves.

LOOK LEAVES and a shiny sword becomes visible from underneath.  TAKE SWORD and TAKE CLOAK.  Now you can WEAR CLOAK. From here GO SOUTH and you’ll end up in prickly briars.  With your sword you can CUT BRIARS to reveal a coil of rope. TAKE ROPE and GO NORTH.

GO NORTH again to a stream. From here GO WEST to a tree. THROW ROPE into the tree and then CLIMB TREE to reach a hollow.  LOOK HOLLOW to reveal a ring. TAKE RING and LOOK RING to see the runes on it. When you try to READ RUNES you’ll find them unreadable (don’t worry, you’ll get another chance).

RUB RING and a key materializes. TAKE KEY and GO DOWN to terra firma. TAKE ROPE, you never know when you need it, and GO EAST back to the stream. GO NORTH to a path where you encounter a wolf. 

Since you’ve got your sword, KILL WOLF and since you’re not the killing type, DROP SWORD. Now you can GO PATH onto a forest road. There’s a wooden staff here. You can only take so much so DROP RING and TAKE STAFF. When you LOOK STAFF you’ll see runes again. When you try to READ RUNES you still can’t.

GO NORTH to follow the forest road, then GO NORTH again to reach a pond and GO NORTH once more to reach the castle moat. Now this is where it gets tricky. You can swim across but then your matches (that you’ve been carrying all the time) will get wet. And you’d like to be able to use them so  THROW MATCHES across the moat and SWIM to reach the portcullis on the other side. TAKE MATCHES.

To get out of the water THROW ROPE and CLIMB ROPE to get atop the battlement. GO DOWN into the courtyard where a dark knight awaits. Luckily you’re wearing your cloak so he doesn’t notice you. 

You can see an archway so GO ARCHWAY and you’re in front of the huge door. GO EAST first and find an old helmet.  TAKE HELMET and WEAR HELMET. With the helmet on, you can suddenly decipher the runes on the staff: READ RUNES to read ‘AKYRZ’ . There’s also a horn here but leave it for now. 

GO WEST to return to the door. UNLOCK DOOR with the key and DROP KEY since you don’t need it anymore. Don’t go through the door yet though.  GO WEST again into a shed with a floor full of straw. There’s a lamp so TAKE LAMP and then LOOK STRAW to find a hole in the floor.

GO HOLE into a room too dark to see in. LIGHT LAMP and then DROP MATCHES. You can now see a door so GO DOOR into a torture chamber. Leave the hammer for now, GO SOUTH first into the sorcerer’s workroom filled with a lot of quartz.

When you WAVE STAFF something happens but not quite clear what. When you SAY AKYRZ, the quartz starts to glow, then dims again. DROP STAFF and TAKE QUARTZ.  From here GO EAST into a slimy room with an ugly lizard man. WAVE QUARTZ and lizard man drops dead.

LOOK LIZARD to find a jeweled knife. DROP QUARTZ and TAKE KNIFE. From here GO WEST to leave the room and GO NORTH to return to the torture chamber. TAKE HAMMER and GO NORTH into the maids room. TAKE MIRROR and GO SOUTH to leave the room again.

In the torture room GO WEST to the room with the open door and GO UP to climb out of the basement. GO EAST to the huge door and now you can OPEN DOOR. If you step through the door, you’ll die because there’s a gorgon behind it and you’ll turn to stone once he sees you. So before you go through though, HOLD MIRROR and GO DOOR. This will turn the gorgon into stone.

You can now DROP MIRROR and TAKE PARCHMENT. If you READ PARCHMENT you can see some actions to come… for now you can DROP PARCHMENT because that’s all its use. The parchment mentions blowing a horn so GO SOUTH and then GO EAST and TAKE HORN. If you blow the horn now, nothing will happen.

Time to go on a journey. GO WEST to the huge door and GO SOUTH to the courtyard. The knight still awaits. GO UP to the battlements.  Now GO SOUTH to the portcullis and GO SOUTH again to the castle moat. GO SOUTH once more to the pond and GO SOUTH to the forest road.  Keep walking the forest road by GO SOUTH and GO SOUTH again to reach the dead wolf. One more time GO SOUTH to get to the stream.

GO WEST to the tree and GO NORTH to a clearing by a cabin. GO CABIN and inside you’ll find a barrel and an oily rag. LOOK BARREL to find salt. Leave that for now.  GO DOWN into a cave (still got the lamp?) and GO SOUTH to a padlocked door. With the hammer you can SMASH PADLOCK and then DROP HAMMER

To return GO NORTH where you’ll find huge slugs. GO NORTH again to the entrance of the cave and GO UP to the cabin. TAKE SALT and GO DOWN into the cave again. DROP HORN (for now), GO SOUTH and GO DOOR. There’s a raft here so TAKE RAFT and GO NORTH back to the cave.

GO NORTH again to the huge slugs and DROP SALT to kill the slugs. TAKE SLUGS and GO NORTH to the entrance of the cave. GO NORTH again to a yellow crab. DROP SLUGS and the crab ignores you.  GO SOUTH to the entrance, TAKE HORN that you left for a moment and GO NORTH back to the crab.

GO LAKE to sail in your raft and on the water BLOW HORN (remember the parchment?). A hand rises from the water holding a golden baton. But it keeps moving. You need to THROW KNIFE in order to TAKE BATON.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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