Stenchie is hungry and needs food.

Look at the bush and see there’s a berry. TAKE BERRY from the bush and walk to the right. TAKE BERRY from the ground and walk to the left twice. TAKE BERRY from the ground and walk to the right. Walk to the south to find a camp site. But no one else is here. Walk to the right and TAKE BERRY from the ground.

Walk back to the left and go north. You’re captured by men and taken back to the camp site. You’re tied to a pole. In front of you is a human arm on the floor. And they took all your berries. BREAK ROPE to get free from the pole and TAKE ARM from the ground. Walk to the north and TAKE BERRY. Go left and find Rusty in the sticky mud. CLIMB TREE to get a branch from it. USE BRANCH WITH RUSTY to pull him out of the mud.

Walk to the right twice to find a beast lying in the tent. Since the beast won’t eat raw meat, COOK ARM WITH LIGHTER. Then GIVE ARM TO BEAST and he won’t bother you anymore. TAKE BERRY from the ground and walk to the left.

Go south and to the right. On the right in between the thorny bush is another berry but you won’t go in there. ASK RUSTY GET BERRY to let him take the last one. You’ll return to your ship and enjoy a drink. But don’t tell the captain.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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