NOTE: The solution for each puzzle is for the default starting point. Once changed, the puzzle won’t reset when leaving so it’s harder to solve using these solutions. So the advice is to save before starting each puzzle, work out your own solution and if it fails, load and use the walkthrough.

You are at the bottom of the sea and need to find nine music sheets, then play the notes on the sheet.

Talk to the pink thorn on the right twice so it will move to the left twice. Climb the weed on the far right and jump for the bubble with the sheet of music in it. Climb the weed on the left and jump for the bubble again. Finally climb the small weed on the right and push the bubble towards the pink thorn. The bubble will pop and you can take the MUSIC SHEET.

Sea Creatures:

Five sea monsters pop up and they make the notes. Push them in order purple, red, green, orange and blue.

Play with the creatures and they will rise. Keep doing this until they’re picked up. Once they’re all gone, a yellow egg with key will drop. Pick up the EGG and use it on the tentacle in the middle. A huge monster will eat the egg, leaving the key behind. Use it to unlock the trunk.

The chest:

Bubbles and a music sheet will pop out of the trunk. Take the MUSIC SHEET and now you have to pop the bubbles in the same order as noted in the sheet. But you have to be quick, they all have to pop in the same flow. The order is C D C B C. If you weren’t quick enough, close and re-open the chest and have another go until you succeed.

A beam of light will shine down which you can use to walk to the surface. Take a piece of FRUIT from the tree and walk to the right. Throw a piece of fruit over the wall into the circle next to the stick. The stick will wake up. Walk through the opening in the castle. Standing on the bridge you can see a faint silhouette of a monster in the moat. Talk to the monster and it’ll surface for a short amount of time. Use this time to walk over the monster to the back of the castle.

In the window is a creature and a MUSIC SHEET. Try to take the sheet a few times until you succeed but the creature will drop into the water, being eaten by a moat monster. You need to get rid of this monster.

Moat monster:

Walk further to the right where you’ll find a duck. Walk up the right path and the duck will move to the right (his rear will move to the left). Walk down and it’ll drop something, on the head of the monster. Take the MIRROR and hang it on the hook at the bottom of the hallway, next to the water. Walk back up the hall and the monster will see your reflection, making it stay at another location.

Walk to the right to the duck again and this time choose the path in the middle. Walk down and the bird will drop something again. Leave the mirror where it is and walk towards the weed near the water. Pick up some of the WEED, covering you, and walk back to the right. The weed will make that the monster doesn’t see you in the mirror and will stay where it is.

Visit the bird and take the path on the left, making the rear of the bird move to the right. Walk down and it’ll drop something for the third time. The monster will sink at first but the shoot up, making the duck fly away. You now have completed your third sheet. The stick ran off as well.

Click on the yellow path in front of the castle to jump off. Walk to the left and north up the hill. You’ll see the bird loose a feather. Walk south again and further to the left. The bird will land on a nest.  Walk to the left of the tree and use the cap on the green pipe to open it and enter the cave. Take the MUSIC SHEET.

The fly:

There’s a ray of sunshine reflecting from the mirror. You need to position the other mirrors so they’ll ring as well. To do that push in the order:  red, green  (1st), blue, yellow, green (2nd) , red, green, green (3rd), blue, green (4th) and yellow and green (5th). You now have the next sheet.

The monster will retract his tongue letting the ray of light through. Use the tunnel on the right to leave and you’ll see a ray of light reflect on the bubble. When you move towards the bubble it will rise, walk away from it and it will fall. Keep positioning yourself so that the ray reflects on the sprout on the left, making it grow until it’s fully grown and gets leaves. You can now use the vine to walk across to the left.

There’s a man sitting in a cave and a stick will run away.

Forest monster:

Talk to the man and dots will appear. Start with the bottom left and select the one above it on the right. Work your way clockwise until you’re back at the first and have drawn the contours of a monster. The monster will appear. Use the head of the monster and a music sheet will show but disappear again. Keep clicking the monster’s head until the sheet stays visible and then you can take the MUSIC SHEET.

Walk to the right and the stick will run again. If the sprout still has leaves use it to cross otherwise position the ball to make it grow again and then cross. Walk to the right to chase the stick. Walk right once more and see the stick run up the hill.

Go back to the left and climb the tree. Follow the branch to the left where you’ll see a spider web. A stick will run as well. Don’t do anything yet, just follow the stick out of the tree. Walk to the right and see this one running up hill as well. Walk north up the hill and see three sticks together. Take the FEATHER from the tree on the left and walk over the sticks lying under the rock. Walk to the end on the right and the boulder will roll down the hill.

Walk south down the hill and take some FRUIT from the tree, then walk to the right. Go through the castle and over the bridge to the right. Walk further to the right, past the forest monster to the iceberg that got smashed. Pick up the little ROCK and throw it at the remainder of the ice several times until it’s removed completely.

Talk to the rocks in the order of the notes on your sheet.  Talk to the tiny one first, then to the others in sequence from left to right. Walk to the left and find the rocks again. Use the stone left of them to make them sing the notes on the sheet and the forest monster music sheet is completed.

The monster will appear. Give it a fruit and it’ll follow you. Walk to the left three times and take some more FRUITS from the tree. Go back to the right, through the castle and beyond until you reach the monster again. Put a fruit in the circle on the ground and the monster will advance.

Walk to the bridge on the left and do the same with the circles there. Walk back to the tree on the left and take some more FRUITS. Walk to the right and drop a fruit in the circle. The monster will now notice the fruit behind the wall and break it. Walk to the left and find the monster waiting. Leave it here for a moment and go further to the left.

Climb the tree and follow the branch on the left all the way to the top until you see the spider web. Take the MUSIC SHEET from the left side.

The spider:

Pushing the spider in the center will make the small ones make a sound or move. You have to position them first before you push the big spider. Starting with the small spider on the left and working your way clockwise to the one at the bottom, position the first one on the outer thread, the second one on the inner thread, the third one on the center thread, walking inwards. The fourth one goes on the inner thread and the last one on the center thread, walking inwards. Now push the big spider in the center and the music sheet is yours.

Walk south to leave the spider.  Take the MUSIC SHEET from the tree and walk south. You have to get to the other side without touching the tentacles. A bit of practice and you should succeed. Now you’re at the ducks.

The ducks:

Push the buttons in the correct order to move the ducks. Best is to make the ‘circle’ on the right first (alternating positions) and then the one on the left, using the free spaces of the right one. From the default position you can solve it by pushing yellow three times, green once, yellow once, green three times, yellow once and green twice. The duck music sheet is now yours.

Walk back to the left and pass the tentacles again, being sure not to touch them.  Walk further to the right to the forest monster.

The fruits:

Take the MUSIC SHEET from the fruit tree on the right. Take some FRUIT as well. Put one fruit in the circle in front of the monster and ring the bell. Put the remaining two fruits in the circle and climb the tree to get some more FRUITS. Put three in the circle so that there are now five. Ring the bell again. Take the last three FRUITS from the trees and put all three in the circle. Then ring the bell the last time and the music sheet is complete.

Now only one sheet to go. Walk to the right and climb the behind the broken wall. Pick up the MUSIC SHEET from the ground. Ghosts of all music sheets you’ve gathered so far will circle. Play all pieces of music until an ear and two horns are completely visible as well.

The sun:

Walk to the left and go through the castle. Step onto the bridge (1st) and remember to leave the bridge on the left again. Walk further to the left and ring the bell hanging in the tree (2nd).  Go south into the sea and walk to the pink thorn. Talk to the thorn (3rd). Climb the beam of sun to leave the water and go to the left. Climb the tree and follow the branch on the left to visit the spider again. Use the spider to get another note (4th).

Leave the tree south and walk to the right until you’re back at the double horn. Use it to get the last note (5th) and complete the last sheet.

Play this last piece of music to the ear and it will grow fully. Look at the ear (you can now see) and it’ll meet it’s partner. They’ll take off and you’ll be left behind. Look at the tree in the far back (fourth from the left) to realize you’re alone…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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