Welcome to the future.

Look around your apartment and take the JUNC PORT from the dresser on the right (2/2).

Walk to the left to leave the apartment and in the streets walk to the left. On the intersection walk north and enter the bar to find your girlfriend Nesa. She’s not feeling well because she hasn’t had any junc since yesterday. You need to search it (10/12).

Leave your house on the left, walk the street to the left and again north towards the bar. Walk to the left twice and north again. This is where Irim Bonpath lives, a wise man and anti ServaCor. Walk into his house and talk to him. He’ll ask you to sit down so use the seat on the right and he’ll tell you about his plan (10/22). But you must get the Purr-Disk for him first.


Leave the house and walk south. Go to the right to the junk pile you passed earlier. On the left in the junk pile is a portable TERMINAL. Pick it up (2/24) and look at it in your inventory to find something jammed in the terminal. Use the terminal on yourself to get the PURR DISK out (2/26).

Walk left and north and enter Irim’s house again. You’ll give him the disk and he’ll give you a broken data CHIP (10/36). In your inventory look at the chip to find a number written on it. Leave the house and go to the left. Talk to the robot in the booth to sell the portable terminal. Take the three JUNC PACKETS from the back wall to seal the deal (10/46).

Walk north and to the right and enter your own house again. Give a junc packet to Nesa and she’ll feel better already (10/56).  Leave the house again and walk to the left. Go north and into the bar. Talk to the barman and he’ll tell you he knows someone who can get you inside ServaCor.

You’ll join the man at the table and you’ll show him the junc packets. In the back room you’ll sell him one packet for a CREDIT CHIP to buy the tools you need (12/68).  Use the last junc packet on the terminal at the wall to recharge yourself (10/78).   Leave the bar, walk to the left and then south to reach the tool shop. Go inside and talk to the sales bot behind the counter. You’ll hear the deals on the cloaker and the levitator.

Take the CLOAKER from the lower shelf behind the counter to buy it (2/80) and do the same with the LEVITATOR next to it (2/82). Now you can float and become invisible. Leave the shop, walk to the left twice and walk left in front of the red pillar in front of the black market booth.You’ve reached the ServaCor headquarters.

Use the cloaker on yourself to become invisible (5/87) and enter the building between the two guards (15/102). Once inside, walk through the opening on the left to find a terminal with a keyboard. Use the keyboard to see that you need to enter a code. Enter the code you’ve seen on the broken chip, followed by RET and the computer will give you access (15/117).

Walk to the right and see the door open! Walk further to the right and enter a room filled with electrical wires. Carefully (really!) walk through the maze of wires to reach the other side. Walk into the library. Look at the books. In the back, on the right are a couple of books that seem out of place. Looking at them and reading the titles, should give an indication.

Pick up the BOOK (2/119) and use the lever that was hidden behind it. A secret door will open (1/120). Walk through the door on the left and find the central processor of the junc. But it’s on an island. Use the levitator on yourself to float to the island (5/125). Use the keyboard to resupply the city with junc (20/145).

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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