Talk to the bartender and notice he’s not happy since you haven’t paid him yet.

On the table is your piece of PIE. Pick it up. Look at the floor below. You don’t see much but when you use the floor you get a NAIL. Use the door to go outside. You can talk to the lady but the conversation isn’t going anywhere. Walk to the alley on the left behind the shop, just follow the path.

Use the pile of junk to find a piece of BREAD. Walk to the right to leave the alley, then to the south to enter your house on the right. Talk to your mother to have another useless conversation. Use the pillow of the blue bed at the bottom and find a pouch with 3 COINS. Use the door to leave the house and walk to the north.

Enter the shop on the left. Talk to the shopkeeper and ask about all the products he sells. On the top shelf to the right of the stuff is a SHINY ROCK. Pick it up and you’ll buy it. Just below that is a jar with BRAINS. On the shelf below the stuff is a MAGICAL ITEM. Pick it up as well and you’re out of cash. Use the door to leave the shop.  On the town square use the stone you just bought on the window of the house in front of you. The window will break and the GLASS will fall. Take the piece with you.

Walk to the north. A beef is blocking your way and wants food. You can start a conversation but don’t start moo-ing because it can kill you. In your inventory use the nail with the bread to sharpen the bread. Use the glass on the bread to make it even sharper and then give it to the bull.

The bull drops dead and when you use his body to search you find a metal CYLINDER. Use the cylinder on yourself to open it and get the POWDER out. The cylinder gets lost. Go through the gate and directly behind it turn to the right. Walk until you reach the wall and then go south. At the pond walk to the right and there’s a guard playing with a dagger. Walk to the south and enter the blue tent. Besides the tentacles in the cage you also see a SHOVEL. Pick it up  and leave the tent again. Walk to the right.

Talk to the guard in front of the trailer and ask him about the job as a guard. You shoud see the captain for that in the purple tent so walk to the north and enter the purple tent. Talk to the captain on the right and ask about the job. There’s no job available at the moment but he would like a pipe and pipeweed.

Leave the tent and enter the caravan on the right. Inside is Ivan the Terrible. Talk to him and learn about the sleeping sand and it’s ingredients. You have some shopping to do. Leave the caravan on the south and walk to the left. Keep walk to the left until you reach the temple. Use the door to enter the building.

Talk to the priest until the conversation turns to seeds. You can have them in exchange for a piece of pie. Give your pie to the priest and you’ll get the SEED in return. Use the door on the right to leave the temple and walk to the south until you reach the house. A man is sitting in front. On the side of the building you can take the AXE and use the lower part of the window to enter the house.

On the desk are some COINS you should take. Leave the way you came: through the window on the south. Walk to the north one screen, then left.  From there go left to reach the graveyard. The grave at the bottom is different from colour and when you use the shovel on it, you dig a hole. Use the hole to jump in and inside take the MONOCLE from the skeleton.

The third RIB from below on the right side is loose and can be taken. Exit the grave, walk north, then all the way to the right until you reach a stump. Use the axe on the stump to create splinters and a hole. Use the hole to look inside and very far below you can see gremlins working. There’s also grease on the bottom: the dark spots. Use the monocle on the grease to create a fire and a FINGER of a gremlin flew off into the grass. Pick it up and walk to the south. Walk to the right twice and enter the caravan of the mage.

Talk to the mage and tell him you’ve got everything. He’ll be busy for a moment and then you can use your pouch on the barrel in the back to take the SAND. Leave the caravan and walk all the way to the left untill you reach a wall. A bit to the south is an opening in the wall you can use to walk further left. Then go north to the rocks.

There’s a tribe of goblins. Stay behind the rocks and use the poucj with sand on the fire to let them all sleep. Take your sword and use it on the goblins to kill them all. Walk to the right between the rocks to find another goblin. Use the sword again to start a mortal combat which you will win. After the goblin is dead, use the body to get the SHIELD and a CRATE. Walk to the south twice and then all the way to the right until you reach the dead ox near the gate. Walk to the south back to town and give the coins your took out of the house to the girl in the street. She’ll give you STENCHWEED.

Use the doors of the building you smashed a window from. Inside city hall you see a wooden box on the right with lost and found. Use the box to find a PIPE. Leave on the south, go north and behind the gate to the right. Go to the south and you’re at the pond. Be careful here.  Make sure you get the shield out of your inventory and use it on yourself to protect yourself.  Walk to the right to reach the tent.  Enter the tent and use the powder from the bullet and the stenchweed from the girl together. Then use the mixture on the pipe and give the pipe to the captain.

Leave the tent and walk to the south. Enter the caravan and talk to the merchant lord. Tell him you completed all tasks and become a guard.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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