At a day on the carnage-val you played a game of darts and won a goldfish. The goldfish is ‘alive’ allthough you don’t have a clue what that means. You have to find that out first.

Walk to the south and talk to the eyeball. It’s the seer. Ask if he knows what alive means and learn about the weakness of the eyeball: it’s missing a contact lens. The seer will disappear for a beauty sleep…. eehh conference.

Walk to the devil and talk to it. He’s depressed. Maybe you can find something along the way to cheer him up. Walk to the right and see the scrary-go-round. It’s going a bit fast. Take the plug from the socket on the right near the tree and the scrary-go-round will come to a halt.

Look at the three headed beast that stopped in front. There’s a note on it. Read the note and convert the text into numbers. That’s the order in which you have to push the eyes of the dragon.


The solution:

Twice Three (=2 x 3) = 6, One twice (=1 x 2) = 2, Only one = 1, Two and thrice (=2 + 3) = 5, Twice two (=2 x 2) = 4, blind mice (= the rhyme ‘three blind mice’) = 3. So push the eyes, seen from left to right: 6, 2, 1, 5, 4, 3.

The dragon will rise and a CONTACT LENS will fall out of the top. Pick up the lens and walk to the north. Talk to the fallen angel. She can’t tell you about ‘alive’ but she’ll tell you why she’s a fallen angel. She wants to fly again. Maybe you can help her too. She gives you an EGG that needs to be hatched at an extensive heat. She’ll tell you about the father (familiar story?). Walk further to the north.

To the right of the inhabited house is a string of lights. Unplug it and take the STRING. Use the door of the house to enter it. Talk tot the lady holding the tray. She’ll tell you about the artifacts in the house. Push the button on the pole below the clock. A puppet jumps out holding a candle. Make sure you’re quick enough to grab the CANDLE. If not, push the button again for another try. Leave the house again and walk to the left.

Talk to the balloon man and listen to his story. He talks about his secret of hapiness. He’ll give a hint: something yummy from the oven. Leave the man for now and walk to the left.

There’s a nest in the tree. And you have an egg. Use the egg in the nest. Now for some heat. There’s a lightbulb on the right. Talk to the lightbulb. The light might remember something about alive but needs to shine bright to be able to concentrate. It needs some focus. Use the contact lens on the hands of the tree on the left. Then talk to the lightbulb again.

The egg hatched. The lightsource will tell you a bit more about ‘alive’. It’ll also tell you about a book that’s somewhere on the carnaval that can tell you more. Pick up the MINI SATAN and take the CONTACT LENS from the tree. Walk to the south.

Talk to the police officers and they want to ask you a few questions. When they ask you if you’ve seen something strange, tell them you won a game. When they ask you what you’ve won, tell them a necklace. When they ask you if you know what ‘alive’ means, ask them if it’s contagious. That’s it. They won’t bother you anymore.

Take the candle from your inventory and use it on the burning ghost. You now have a lit candle. Walk to the north, then to the right twice. Enter the inhabited house again. Use the lit candle on the rope to the right of the muffin lady. That will bring down the chandelier. Enter the house again and find the MUFFINS on the floor. Take them. In the bookcase is a brown book. Since the lady is busy with other things you can take the BOOK too. Leave the house again and once outside read the book. You can learn all about ‘alive’. Chapter 11 tells you about water and the fountain.

Walk to the left. Give the muffins to the balloon man. His secret of hapiness. He’ll leave straight away and left his clothes behind. In his pocket are the keys of the balloon. Use the clothes to get the KEY. Walk to the right, then to the south. The fallen angel wanted to fly and what better way than in a balloon. Give her the keys and she’ll be off. But not before telling you all about ‘alive’.

Walk to the south, then to the left. Give the mini satan to satan and he’ll be reunited. As thanks he’ll tell you about the fountain and the secret passage there. Leave the satan and his son and walk to the left.

Talk to the eye and he’ll tell you his vision is fine. But give the lens and you’ll see it wasn’t really. As reward you can look into the ball. You’ll see a crown tipping over above a pool and tears drying up. Then a panel sliding open…

Walk to the north twice and use the face above the tie to make it talk. There are three. Talk to them and when you can buy some ash, give them some bones to pay for the ASH. It’s yours now. Walk to the south twice and then to the right. At the entrance of the carnage-val go north. There’s a fountain of tears.

But as soon as you enter the scene, so do the police officers. When they’re done talking to you, give them the ash and they’ll leave again chasing the fallen angel. Look at the fountain again. On top is a crown. Now according to the ball it needs to tip over. But how do we reach that? Use the string of lights from your inventory to reach the crown. It will tip over and the tears will dry. The panel to the tunnel will be revealed.

You dive right in and after a little swim you’ll be in another world. To your left is a JUG on the ground. Take it and look at it. There are bubbles drawn onto it. Use the jug on the airbubbles coming out of the tubes. Swim furhter to the right and look at the statue. Swim all the way to the right and find some wooden beams in the ground. Use the third one from the left to take the BEAM out.

Behind the beam was a bowl and you could see something underneath. But you can’t take it like that. Use the jug with air on the bowl and the air will lift it a bit. Now you can take the BOTTLE WITH FLAKES. Use the bottle on the hole on the right where Spooks is swimming all the time. The food will lure him and now you can take him with you again.

Now that Spooks is out, you can see something else in the hole as well. Take it and find it’s a PICK. Swim back to the left where you can see a big rock on the ground. You can see it’s blocking something but how to remove that boulder? Use the plank from your inventory on the boulder to wedge it in. Above the end of the plank that’s still visible you can see a stalactite. Use your pick to knock it off and it falls on the plank, moving the boulder.

A portal can now be accessed but before you can swim in, a force is pulling you back. It’s the statue who will explain everything to you. You are alive again.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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