Use the green planet in the center to start your quest.

You wish you were a cabbage. Use the flashing screen to make the wish come tue. And then you’re the only cabbage left. Walk to the left and find a field with cow pat. Pick up the slightly darker COW PAT at the bottom of the screen. Roll to the south to return to your patch and go right. Talk to the man in the stall. He can only think about the green leaves. So it’s time to tell him.

On the ground are two small ROCKS. Pick them up and walk further to the right to see what has become of this part of the land. Look at it and you’ll get RAGE. Walk back to the left twice to get back to your own patch. Use the rage from your inventory in the circle in the center of the patch and you’ll transform into another cabbage kind. Use the sky left of the sun to leave the spot. Go to the right to find that someone knocked over the can with oil.

Use the cow pat with the oil and use the flint stones on the oil as well. Now walk over the oily cow pat and stones to light it. Quickly walk to the black hole in front of the stall to seek cover.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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