You’re stuck in an elevator.

Talk to Paul. He won’t give you a leg up. Use the book from your inventory on him and look outside the elevator. Then push the wall on the right of the elevator. It’s not enough. Talk to Paul again and ask him to push as well. You’ll land on another planet and meet the king. You need to get rid of the disease.

Walk south to leave the castle and south again to find a  shop. Walk north into the alley left of the shop and talk into the pipe. The man standing there will drop his CREDIT CARD. Pick it up and walk to the left to return to the front of the shop. Enter and take the OXYGEN TANK next to the vending machine. On the bottom shelf is a grey bottle with SLUMPFISH OIL. Take this as well and walk south again to leave the shop.

Walk left to return to the castle and north to go inside. Walk to the right to visit the baby and pick up the bottle of MILK. Use the slumpfish oil with the bottle of milk and give it to the baby. He doesn’t want it.Use the door on the left to leave the room and walk south to leave the castle. Go south again into the village and walk past the shop to the right. Use the door on the right to visit the biology lab.


Use the milk on the microscope and find the plague. Leave the lab and walk to the right. Walk south into the desert and take the sturdy ROD next to Paul. Walk north twice, and left twice, then north into the castle. Talk to the king and tell him about the milk. He’ll tell you where it came from.

Take the HELMET from the space suit on the left and walk south to leave the castle. Walk to the right and take the ROPE from the bins. Then walk to the left twice and select to go to the farm. Talk to the farmer and he’ll tell you about the lake he uses to water the field. Use the shed to get some OVERALLS and walk to the right to return to the castle. Walk back to the left and this time select the lake.

In your inventory combine the helmet with the overall and add the oxygen tank to it. Use the makeshift diving suit on yourself to put it on and use the lake to dive in. Look at the canister to find the cause of the plague and use the sturdy rod on the canister to try and lift it. It doesn’t work. Tie the rope to the canister and on the shore take the rope to try to pull the canister out. Again no luck.

At the castle walk south and to the right twice. In the desert, walk south and talk to Paul. Tell him to follow you and the plaque issue will be resolved.

At the bottom of the screen there’s a piece of CHALK. Pick it up and use it on the constellation on the right to turn it into a crowbar. Pick up the CROWBAR and use it to open the portal. Try to get through to portal but you’re too big. Talk to Paul and ask him to be the scout party.

Playing as Paul:

Walk north into the garden and take the NEWSPAPER from the bench. Look at the newspaper in your inventory to find the oddly shaped KEY. Walk south back to the hallway and use the oddly shaped key on the security room on the right (door #4). Use the drawer under the panel to find a skeleton KEY. Leave the room again and use the skeleton key on Rob’s room (door #2).

Take the ENERGY DRINK from the desk and leave the room again. Use the skeleton key on Tes’s door on the left (door #1). Walk through the door opening on the left to enter the bathroom. Drink the energy drink and lift the cistern lid. The pick up the TOOTHBRUSH and all will become clear.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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