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Nick It And Run! – Walkthrough (AussieSoftTM/2003)

By Leon | October 25, 2008

Nick It And Run! Walkthrough Warning! This page contains the complete solution or walk-through to this game. Reading this page can spoil the challenge to complete the game by yourself. Please consider this when reading on. The walk-through of this game given here might not be the optimal solution, it’s a solution. Just to prove that the game can be finished. If you want a section of the walk-through or just a hint, send us an email with the part where you’re stuck, we’ll send you the section of the page you’ll need.

To prevent the big award from being stolen you have to steal the big award….

Walk to the left and look at the water of the fountain. You can see a coin at the bottom but it’s out of reach. Talk to marty behind his stand and insult him with his haircut. Now you have to make it up. In the back behind the stand is a bin. When you use the bin you find a piece of STRING.

Walk to the right to go to the city. Select the computer shop on the left in the front. Look around the shop look at the records in front of the counter. Make sure you check out The Blues Brothers, since it’s your favorite. Then talk to the shopkeeper. He’ll tell about the broken glass and how he’s unable to repair it. You can help! You get the broom and you sweep the GLASS. You even take a piece.

When you’re done cleaning, return to the shopkeeper and he’ll hesitate to give you anything. Tell him you want the BLUES BROTHERS CD and it’s yours. Look at the counter and find the basket with lollies. But there aren’t only lollies, there are also minties. But only one so take the MINTIE while you can.

Use the front door to open it and go to the door to return to the map. On the right in the middle is the winding road and when you follow it, you’ll reach the border of Transylvania. Read the sign and pick up the STICK from the ground. Walk further to the right and talk to the guard behind the barrier. Learn when he leaves and how he tells the time.

Walk to the left to reach the map and go to the hall of fame left of the Little Ben. Talk to mother and kid. They won’t say much. Give the mintie to the kid and he’ll shut up. As thanks you get a TICKET for the Hall Of Fame. Give the ticket to the man in the booth and you can enter the exhibition.

Look around and watch all paintings and posters. Look at the Stan and the base it stands on. On the left side of the stand, on the edge, at the height of your elbows there’s an engraving. Read it. Try to take teh Stan and the ticket man will warn you. Walk to the right to leave the Hall Of Fame and outside go to the left and enter Balboa’s. Walk all the way to the left and use the door with the star on it.

On the desk below the mirror is a KANGAROO you can take. Use the kangaroo with the table on the left and when you put it there, Obby will go over there but leave her hairpin behind. Now you can take the HAIRPIN. When she returns talk to her. Be sure to talk about Romulus.

After the conversation, leave the room on the right and walk all the way to the right to enter the theatre. Walk through the opening on the right where the bouncer is and he’ll stop you. Only for real fans. Show him your album of the Blues Brothers and he recognises you as a real fan. You can enter and meet the Blues Brothers.

Talk to the Blues Brothers to learn all about the Stan and Balboa and how much they want to win the award. Give them your CD to sign it but they won’t do that. Walk to the right and leave the theatre on the south. In the lobby you can find a suggestion box. Look at it and walk back to the left and enter the room with the star again. Talk to Obby and tell her about the suggestion box.

Agree to put the NOTE she gives you into the suggestion box. Walk to the right back to the foyer and put the note in the suggestion box. Walk further to the right and enter the theatre and visit the Blues Brothers on the right. Give them the CD again and this time they’ll sign it for you.

Walk to the right to leave them, go south to the foyer and to the left to the room with the star. Visit Obby again and talk to her about Romulus books. She’ll tell you where to find it and you must read it in the room so when you’ve found the book you read some poems. Ask Obby to read the book again and there’s another rhyme. Hmm.. that’s what the bouncer also mentioned.

Walk to the right to leave the room and walk to the south to leave Balboa’s. Go between the ticket booth and the Balboa building into the alley. Walk to the right to Thatshurst Square. You can see the Shady Figure putting something in the boot of the car. When he has left the square walk over to the awesome car and use the hairpin you took from Obby on the boot of the car to open it. Use the open boot to take the MAGNET out.

Walk to the right to go to the map and visit the park again on the bottom right of the map. Use the piece of glass with the string to cut it in half. Then use one of the pieces of string with the magnet and use the combination with the stick to create a magnetic fishing rod. Use the rod on the water of the fountain to get the COIN.

Walk to the right to go to the city and go to the Hall Of Fame left of the Little Ben. Walk through the alley left of the ticket booth and walk all the way to the right to Thatshurst Square. At the corner is a photo booth. Use the coin with the coinslot to snap a picture and pickup the PHOTO after it’s finished.

Talk to the bouncer and he’ll ask you about Sven. Tell him the other phrase you’ve read in the book at Obby’s and you can enter. You can overhear what’s being discussed at the meeting. Once you’re outside again talk to the bouncer again and tell him about the plans of Balboa. Ask him if he gets bored and you’ll get his NEWSPAPER. Look at the paper and find the sample of the new PASSPORT needed to  leave Thatshurst.

Walk to the right to reach the map and go to the Little Ben. Talk to Reggie and learn about the keys and the curse. Use the magnetic fishing rod on small opening under the door and you’ll have the SILVER KEY. Give the key back to Reggie and you can have his ‘SCEPTRE OF POWER‘. He also dropped the SILVER KEY again so take it again. Use the key on the door to enter the tower.

On the table is a MATCHBOX to take. Use the levers of the clock to change the time. Walk to the south to leave the tower again. Walk to the left to reach the map and walk to the back to the Food Court. Enter McHammad’s on the left and talk to Hammad. Learn all about Ming, Belboa and the taboo in Transylvania. Also learn about the stolen cupholder.

Walk to the right to leave the burger giant and walk to the right to enter Burger Ming. Talk to Ming behind the counter and learn from him about Balboa and Hammad. So he’s a collector of signed things? Give him the Blues Brothers CD and you’ll get the SIGNED CUPHOLDER in return. Walk to the south to leave Ming and walk to the left to return to Hammad. Give him the cupholder

As thanks you get a BURGER BOX. Look at it and find the CAMEL BURGER inside. Take some of Macca’s KETCHUP from the counter. Leave on the right and return to Ming. Talk to him to get his KETCHUP. Walk to the south to leave the restautant and walk to the right to return to the map. On the map go back to the park on the lower right.

Give the camel burger to Marty. Talk to him and he’ll tell you about the elixer of life. Walk back to the right to return to the map and go to Balboa’s to the left of the Little Ben. In the foyer on the left is a phone box on the wall with a cordless phone on it. Use the phone to call Belboa and tell him the theatre is on fire. As soon as he leaves his office, you should get in, take the KEY from his desk. He’ll enter and you’ll think of some excuse to be there.

Walk to the south to leave Belboa’s and enter the alley on the right of the building. There’s a massive door that you can open by using the key you just took from the desk. Use the sceptre of power to ‘open’ the cupboard and when you use the broken cupboard you’ll find a SMOKE MACHINE. Enter the opening that’s revealed.

In the left corner of the dark corridor you find all boxes. One of the is only a box and when you use that one, you’ll find a bottle of KETCHUP. Walk to the right where the shelf and the grate are and look at them. Use the smoke machine with the shelf and use the matchbox with the smoke machine. The people in the exhibition room will leave.

The smoke machine will break down and give a SCREW. Use the sceptre of power on the grate to remove it but you can’t go upstairs yet because of the smoke. Use the piece of string with the hamburger box to create a GAS MASK and use the mask on the open grate to climb through.

Nick the STAN and run back to the left to climb the hole again. Walk to the left and use the stairs to leave the corridor. Use the door to leave the storage room. Walk to the left to return to the front of the building and walk to the left to see the map again. Go to the park on the lower right of the map.

Give the three types of ketchup to Marty. You need to come back later for the elixer. Walk to the right to see the map again. Return to the park immediately and Marty will give you the ELIXER OF LIFE. Walk to the right to see the map and go to the winding road on the right in the middle.

Walk to the right and talk to the guard. Ask him for the time and he’ll leave. Walk to the right and enter the cave. Talk to Vlad behind the desk and ask him how to enter Transylvania. You need a passport for that. Talk to Quasi and ask how to enter and he’ll tell you you need an interview with a vampire first. But Vlad wasn’t helpful. So you need to bribe him.

Look at the Batman poster and how it’s attached. Use the poster to take some of the BLUE TACK. Use the blue tack on the sample passport you took from the newspaper and then use the picture of yourself on the sticky passport. Give the elixer to Vlad, then your passport. [note: If you try to pick up the elixer to take it back, the game will crash.]

Use the door next to Quasi to enter Transylvania. A week later you report to HQ.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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