You’re on your way to Shattrath so select it on the map.


There’s a large group of people discussing on the right. Talk to them to see what they’re talking about (1/1). On the left is a book on the ground. Pick it up and you’ll find a NOTE inside. The book is not interesting. Look at the note in your inventory. It’s from Voila and of yesterday.

Walk up the ramp and to the left to the Shady Person. Talk to the person and ask him about the quest. It’s the I.W.I.N. button that’s broken and to repair it, you need to get some items: a crystal, a strange plant and a skull.  Look at the button in your inventory (1/2).  Ask him where to find it and walk to the right to exit the cave.

Outside there’s a path on the right that leads to the bar. Enter the bar and look at Vek’lor. Talk to him and ask what’s wrong (1/3). It’s his application for the Black Temple. Walk further to the right and look at the female blood elf. Talk to her, flirt a bit (1/4) and buy a bottle of WINE. Ask her for some food as well and you can buy a SAUSAGE.

Give the wine to Vek’lor and he’ll be drunk before you know it. Use him to search him and you’ll take the APPLICATION FORM from him (5/9). Take the Epic Mount from your inventory and use it on yourself. You’ll get to the map and you can see the locations the Shady Person mentioned. First go to Stormspire.


Walk to the elevator and you’ll find a merchant. Talk to the merchant and buy all there’s to offer: a DEATH MASK, an old ROPE and a XII MOTE. Try the death mask on yourself (1/10).  Use the Epic Mount again and go to the Black Temple.

Black Temple:

Walk to the guard and talk to him. Ask him to pass and he refuses. You need to have an appointment. Give the application form you took form Vek’lor to him and he still refuses because you don’t look like a demon. Use the Epic Mount again and go to Oshu’gun.


Talk to the worker. Ask him where to find crystals. He tells you there are shards inside. Walk to the north inside the cave and keep walking until you reach the crystals. Try to take the crystal and you realise you need some tools. Use the Epic Mount and go back to Shattrath.


Walk to the right and enter the bar. Talk to the female blood elf and ask het some questions. Ask where to find a demon for the black temple and ask where to get some tools. She’ll give you two new locations to go to. Use the Epic Mount and on the map select Demonic Portal.

Demonic Portal:

Talk to Moarg.  He wants to go for a swim. You tell him not to eat before that but he’s hungry. Give him the sausage and he’ll leave (5/15). He left his clothes behind. Take the DEMON CLOTHING. Use the Epic Mount and go to the Black Temple.

Black Temple:

Before you talk to the guard, use the demon clothing on yourself to change clothes. Then talk to the guard and tell him you have an appointment. Give him the application and you can pass (5/20).  You’ll find Illidan dead but next to him a SKULL. Take it (5/25). Look at the grafitti on the wall to see who did it (1/26). Use the Epic Mount to leave the Black Temple and go to Toshley’s Station.

Toshley’s Station:

Talk to Ticklefuzz about his machine (1/27). So it’s a machine to copy text but with a bug. Give the note you got from the book to him and he’ll COPY it (5/32). But with a slight difference: the date has changed from yesterday into today.

Use  the toolbox on the left to take a pair of GLOVES out (5/37). Take the Epic Mount again to Oshu’gun.


The worker is still working very hard. Talk to him again and ask for his pickaxe. He’ll tell about his wife. That’s the one in the letter you got. Now if you give him the one with yesterdays date, he’ll tell you he’s already seen her. But if you give the one with todays date, he’ll think she wants to see him again, put down his pickaxe and leave (5/42). You’ll get the PICKAXE.

Walk to the north inside the crystal and walk all the way north until you reach the shards. Use the pickaxe on the CRYSTAL to take a piece off (5/47). Use the Epic Mount again to go to Stormspire.


Walk to the right, towards the jungle. At the lower right you can enter, don’t use the path. In front of you is a giant crab. Look at the crab (1/48).  Use the WII-mote on the crab to kill the animal (5/53). Walk further to the right and  you’ll see a strange purple plant. When you try to take it you’ll notice the spines so use the gloves to take the PLANT (5/58). Use the Epic Mount to return to Shattrath.


Walk up the ramp to see the shady person. Give him the skull (10/68), the crystal (10/78) and the plant (10/88). Talk to the shady person and tell him you’ve got everything for the repairs. In return you’ll get a repaired I.W.I.N. button. Use the button on yourself to be teleported to become IMBA (10/98).

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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