Chapter 1:

Click the snail. Then click the little branch on your right. Click the snail again so you can walk further to the right. Now click the left of the two branches below. At last click the right branch below. You’ve reached the end of chapter 1.

Chapter 2:

Click on the parcel and the walnut, these will fall down on the disc. Don’t touch the stone, it is too heavy. Now click on the little lever at the right of the disc. It starts your engine and you will fly away. When you fly, open the walnut.


Chapter 3:

Pick up the stick on the right end of it and push back the bug. Now you can reach the little lever. The rock turns over and the peppers will fall on the little island. There are two red stars shining. Pick up the left one and put it on the long blade of grass at the right end of the little island. Do the same with the other star. The island will fly away. You’re at the end of part three.

Chapter 4:

Ring the bell. Don’t touch the snail, it will fall of, the log will be out of balance and you will fall down too. The little island of chapter three will arrive. Touch the pepper so the fly will go away. Click one of the stars. Now pick up one of the peppers and hang it with the star. Do the same with the other star and pepper. Behind this pepper there is another snail, click on it and the two snails go look for each other.

Chapter 5:

Ring the bell, the disc with Tippiti will stop. Click at the left of the disc and you will get on it. Now open the parcel. A tree will grow, this is the end of chapter 5.

Chapter 6:

Everything from chapter 5 will disappear and you are left in the snow with several stars. Click the star in the middle of the three stars on your left, you’ll end up at a waterfall. Push down the tree behind you, walk over it and have a rest ( end of chapter 6).

Chapter 7:

Click at the right side of the waterfall, there is Tippiti coming. Walk towards Tappiti. Click again at the right side of the waterfall, a butterfly is flying away and the sun starts shining through the trees. You’re now standing under the rainbow.

Chapter 8:

Click, and hold your mousebutton, on the trunk, you pushed down in chapter 6, untill it’s stuck. Walk to the middle of the trunk. Don’t walk to the end, the trunk will turn over and you fall down. Let Tippiti get on the trunk to keep the balance. Now you can walk to the end. Click, and hold your mousebutton, at the end of the trun where Tippiti is standing till the trunk strikes the rock. Pull the lever above Tippiti’s head. There is a boat coming out of the rocks. Walk towards Tippiti, click on the trunk just behind Tippiti, the trunk turns over and you can enter the boat. Push the boat back into the rocks.

Chapter 9:

Click the spider in front of you, it goes up, out to your way. Click in the middle of the web, one of the spiders lifts th web up. Push the boat to go on. Pull the lever above your head, the waterlevel will rise. Don’t pull the lever in front of you, the waterlevel will go down and you go down too. Push the boat and float to the next chapter.

Chapter 10:

Pull the lever above your head, the waterlevel will rise again. Push the boat and float onto the rock in front of you. Push the boat again to go on. Pull the lever above your head. The waterlevel goes down. Half way down there is another lever. Be quick and break down that lever before the boat hits it. Now you can float to the next chapter. When you’re not fast enough and the boat hits that lever the waterlevel keeps going down and you go also down.

Chapter 11:

Walk to the edge of the rock. Take a tree trunk out of the water and put it down at the edge of the rock. Don’t walk over it, you fall down because it is not supported. To do so, take a second tree trunk out of the water and put these on the rocks so that it underpins the first trunk. Now you can walk to the end. Call Tippiti to join you. There is a third tree trunk in the water. Take it and complete the bridge you’re building, so you can cross the gap.

Chapter 12:

Pick up the tree trunk you just stepped off and put it on the end of the rock. Click at the beginning of the trunk and Tippiti will stand on it. Now click at the end of the trunk and you’ll use it as a springboard to get across the gap. Push the button right above your head, the parts join together. Pick up the trunk again and put it one more time at the end of the rock to enter chapter 13.

Chapter 13:

Click on the bottom of the second cilinder to start it moving. Jump to the second cilinder. Get the third cilinder moving and jump to that one. You can’t stand on a still cilinder even so you can’t stand together on a cilinder. Now let Tippiti jump to the second cilinder. Pick up the trunk to build a bridge from the third cilinder to the rock and go there. Now let Tippiti jump to the third cilinder and you walk together to chapter 14.

Chapter 14:

 In the rocks at your left there are three pair of eyes looking at you. Now be very quick, click on all of the pairs so they disappear. When they are all gone you can pull the lever in front of you to open the gate. Again be quick, the eyes will come back then you can’t use the lever. Now the gate is open you can walk to the rocks at the north. You have to do this also very quick other wise the gate will close itselves and you have to start all over again. When you’re on your way to the rocks, close the gate by clicking twice on the lower handle.

Chapter 15:

Open the gate with the upper handle. Pull the lever, part of the rock will fall down. Walk to the rocks at the end of the path, you’ll disappear behind the rocks. Click almost at the left end of the rock, you will appear again. Walk up the rocks just above the bridge, you’ll disappear behind the rocks again. This is the end of chapter 15.

Chapter 16:

Climb on to the ridge with the moss on it on your right. Pick up the rock and put it under the rope. Use the rope to climb to the higher ridge above you. Get off the rope in time other wise you’ll slide down. Walk to the right end of this ridge and go down a bit and take the other rope. You swing to the rocks at the left side and sit down there. Don’t slide down, climb up.

Chapter 17:

Walk up a bit and take a little stick behind you. Use the stick in front of you to pull away the little support so a big piece of rock falls down. Click at the beginning of this big piece of rock and you’ll walk to the end. Here is a lever, pull it and it opens a door at the left bottom of the screen. Walkt to it, but be quick the door closes itselves after a few seconds. Go through the door. Another door goes open and shut again.

Chapter 18:

Open the door that shut at the end of chapter 17, there is Tippiti and a rock falls down. Pick up a stick you’ll find under Tippiti at the right bottom of the screen. Put the stick on the rock you’ve put there in chapter 16. Pick up the rock that fall down earlier and put it on the end of the stick. Now jump on the stick so the rock goes up onto the big piece of rock above you. It falls down and make you a bridge to the rocks on the left side. Walk up and knock three times on the door. Someone opens the door and you can enter. Close the door you came out, and a wooden monster enters the screen.

Chapter 19:

Pick up the light in front of you and bring it up to the left of the wheel. Step into the wheel and roll is away to the right. Click several times on the stick at the left bottom of the screen so Tippiti can climb onto the wooden raft, then throw the stick away and Tippiti flies the raft to the other side of the screen. Now you can roll back the wheel and enter the raft. On the pole there is a red button, click on it and you’ll fly away.

Chapter 20:

Click on the front corner of the raft and you’ll fly to an island in a grey sky. Take the fan from your raft and place it on top of the tower. Start the fan by clicking on the red button on the pole of the raft. The grey sky will disapear and you can stop the fan. If you don’t stop the fan in time you’ll disappear. Take the fan from the tower and place it back on the raft.

Chapter 21:

You reach an other island with a top that changes from clear to unclear and so on. First click the red button on the pole of the raft to go up. When the top is clear you can see two flies. Click on them so they go away. Click the red button again to go higher. Push on the flies, they’ll come out of a hole, enter that hole. Under the rocks is a cork, pick it up and put it in the hole. Walk down to the left, there is a little house. There also is a third fly. Click on it and it will look for the way out. Click on it again and the fly will break through the top. Click the red button of th raft and Tippiti will join you on the island.

Chapter 22:

Click on the well, a light (the moon) will go up into the sky. Roll the cork to Tippiti, who will fall in the water. Go look for Tippiti. Put on the lamp and pick it up to hang it on the hook, you’re looking at, in the water.

Chapter 23:

Click several times at the right side of the cork till it starts to move. Now make it bigger by clicking and holding your mouse button twice at the top side of the cork. Pick the cork up and drop it in front of you. Step on it and you’ll go down in the water. Step off again by clicking at the right side of the cork. Leave the screen in the middle, left side of the right plant. Pick up the lamp you hung up in chapter 22. Push it so it falls further down.

Chapter 24:

Walk down to the middle of the screen. Go further down to the left till you’re almost at the lamp. Put on the lamp. Pick it up and hang it on the left end of the stick in the middle of the screen. Walk to the stick and then on the stick to use it as a bridge. Climb up the root of the tree and pull the lever above your head and go down to the stick that just came out.

Chapter 25:

There comes a monster walking into the screen. Do not click on the “hot link” on the back of the monster, then the chapter starts again. Go down the stick and get off. Walk to under the lamp. Take the lamp and disperse the monster with it. Hang the lamp on the treetrunk. Click the stick above your head so it falls down. Now you can pick it up and disperse the monster till its gone. Go down to the right side of the stick. Go down again to the end of this chapter.

Chapter 26:

Pick up the green thing in front of you and put it between the two roots till it blazes to the left. There appear cubes, click on them very quickly several times till there are four cubes left that become red. Now click once more on the cubes and a entrance appears. Walk to the stick and throw it away so you can enter.

Chapter 27:

You start with an “egg”, pick it up on the grip in the middle and move it to the right to put it down. Behind this “egg” you’ll appear on an island where Tippiti gets out of the water. Go to the hill left of the palmtrees. Push the trees and the sun will set. Click on the shadow of the trees, Tippiti will move there. In the middle of the island moves sand. Go and have a look there. Click again on the sand, there is a pole getting out of the sand. Click again and hold your mouse so the pole grows. Now there is sand moving behind you, click there and a second pole is getting out of the sand. Click again and hold your mouse so this pole grows. Now there is a third location where sand is moving, click there and another pole gets out of the sand. Again click and hold your mouse so the pole grows. There is a fouth location a bit down to the left from where you’re standing to shape a regtangel. Click and the pole gets out of the sand, click again and hold your mouse to let the pole grow.

Chapter 28:

The sand is moving again. Click on it, there is a spider. Click on the top of the fourth pole so the spider climbs the pole. Click the spider and it makes a web on top of the four poles. Click on the shadow of the web. Click on the spider so it falls down. Click at the base of the hill on the left, the spider will go there and disappears in the sand. Click again at the base of that hill and Tippiti goes there to dig. Click once more and Tippiti finds wood and stones. Pick up the wood and put it in front of you, then pick up one of the stone and put it with the wood. Now take the second stone and hit it several times at the first stone to make a fire.

Chapter 29:

Click on the fish, the water rises. Knock over the fourth pole and the third pole. Move the third pole to the fourth pole by clicking and holding your mouse. Knock over the pole that is still dry, pick it up and put it next to the others to make a raft. Now pick up the last pole and put it at the right edge of the raft. Pick up the web and attach it to the top of the pole. Click on the bottom of the pole, now step on the raft. Click on the spider at the island on the left, it will blow you away.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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