When standing outside you need to find a way to enter the building to join the party.But you must get past Andrew first.

Take the ANTENNA from the car. Pick up the WIRE on the ground. Use the antenna on the wire and use the combination on the tree. This will electrocute Andrew and you can use the pumpkin to enter the building.

Take the FISH from the fishtank. Open the cupboard below it and you’ll find an ALGAE KILLER.  Go up the stairs. In the hallway is the URN with the ashes of Nathalies grandmum. Take it. Use the knife on the fish to keep the bones and use the bones as a hook on the door on the left. It’s Nathalies room. Use the left door of the closet to get the BRA and take the DOLL from the bookshelf. Leave the room on the left and use the right door to enter the bathroom.

Looking in the toilet, you’ll see a HAIR floating. Pick it up and then look at the trashcan under the sink. It has a used TAMPON in it. Take that as well. Next to the toilet is the TOILET BRUSH. Pick it up and go over to the bathtub to create a nice voodoo-doll. Put the doll in the tub, together with the hair, the bra, the ashes and the tampon. All this created a VOODOO DOLL. Use the doll with the washing machine and you can see Nathalie throw up downstairs. Use the bathtub again to retreive the TAMPON and leave the bathroom.


Walk down the stairs and enter the party room on the north. On the table is a bowl with punch. Use algae killer, the fishbone and the tampon with the bowl and use the toilet brush with the bowl to stir the juice.

You’re locked in the basement and have to find a way out. Use the buttons to see a close up and then you use the buttons until they are all down. I haven’t found a real logic yet but here’s how to approach:

Leave the 8th button for now. When pushed it will bring other buttons up. When the second button comes up, push it down first, then another button (or buttons). Repeat until all buttons are down except the 8th. Push the 8th, then start the whole sequence again but include the 8th this time: push it as soon as it pops up. So the second should always be pushed first, after all buttons except the 8th have been pushed, do the same with the 2nd and the 8th. Eventually you should end with the second button to be pushed.

When every button is down, use the window to escape the boiler room.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  1. if you use the bloody *Thing* in the bathtub again after you make the voodoo doll, you can’t get it back and you are stuck.

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