Use the small gap underneath the door on the right to go to the kitchen. Use the pencil on the kettle to poke the ‘on’ switch and Wendy pops out. Talk to Wendy and tell her you might need her help later. WENDY will pop into the inventory.

In the windows is a MAGNET. Take it and go back to the living room. Use the magnet on the sofa and a silver KEY comes out. Go through the gap again and use the plastic door from the kitchen to go to the stairs. Use them to go upstairs and use the key on the door on the right.

Use the door to enter the room and take the CRISPS from the desk. Leave the room again and use the stairs to go downstairs. Use the crisps to roll outside and to the shed. Use the metal box there and get a gold KEY. Use the crisps again to go outside and enter the house again.

Go up the stairs and use the gold key on the door on the left. Use the door to get inside. Inside the bedroom use the painting to reveal the safe. But you don’t know the code. Leave the room again and go downstairs. Enter the kitchen, then to the living room. In the left upper corner there’s some wallpaper. Ask Wendy to steam a bit and the corner comes down revealing the code of the safe. Right click on the code to remember it.


Enter the kitchen, then the stairs and upstairs go to the bedroom on the left. Use the safe and inside are papers. Useless for a wisp but also a RUBBER BAND. Leave the bedroom and go downstairs. Use the bubble mixture to go outside and watch what happens! You land in the attic.

Use the rubber band on the water tank to keep the valve open so you can enter at any time. Aks Wendy to help with the cloth covering the rocking horse to cover the tank so you won’t be noticed. Here you can live in peace.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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