You want the drugs but granma has put it in her room.

Enter the kitchen and take the SOAP next to the sink. Make sure granma isn’t around. Leave the kitchen to the left and go up the stairs. There’s your room but your granma keeps it locked. At some point, she’ll put the keys in the lock and leave. Quickly use the soap on the key to make a replica and get the KEY.

Enter the room and take some tools from the open drawer: a HAMMER and a MARKER. Leave the room again and go to the hallway downstairs. Use the hammer on the nail above the picture and use the marker on the picture to make it more interesting. This will slow grandma down.

Walk upstairs to granma’s room and wait next to the bed, where the drugs is on the cabinet. As soon as granma is leaving the kitchen to watch the picture, take the DRUGS. But if you are a winner now?


Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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