Look at the treestump on the left.

Look at your notebook and click on the text on the upper left about the stump to ‘read’ it. Look at the treestump again. Now you remember. It’s where things were kept hidden in a safe. But you don’t know the combination. After some daydreaming over the water, you return to the safe.

You see the dial, but what was the combination? Look in the notebook again at the lower left corner: L4341. Let’s try that on the lock. Starting with the L, Left 4 times, right three times, left four times and right once. The safe jumps open and out comes the LOCKET. This is what you need to bring to Gail. But then we need to find her first.

At home, use the phone. But you don’t know any numbers. Use the notebook again and there’s a whole list of numbers. Try them until you reach Dona Goodson. She was a friend once. Use the phone again and call her. She’ll remember you as the author of Dark Harvest. Not that gives you an idea. Look at the blue books on the right side of the bookcases. There are the books you wrote. In one if them is another note with a telephone number. Use the phone again and talk to Karin. You agree to meet in the park.


Talking to Karin learns more about Gail and eventually you get her address. You visit Gail and return the locket. This will affect all lives. You return to the bridge where you had good memories. You’ll get a visit from Grim Reaper. He asks you to take over his job. You now can choose from three answers:

– Accept and become the new Grim Reaper. You can now live forever.

– Ask to leave and you’ll join your friends and loved ones who passed away earlier.

– Leave Grim and continue your life in loneliness with your books.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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