After cleaning up, try to go down the stairs to have lunch. Something is blocking your way. Talk to the bunny and find out why you can’t go down. So you took something from your sister. Now you have to find out what.

Go back to your own room. Pick up the LAUNDRY BIN and take it outside. Open the hatch and take the POLE out. Put the laundry in the chute. It’s stuck. Use the pole on the chute to push it through. Now there’s underwear stuck to the pole. Enter your room again.

Open the cupboard door and take the SHOE BOX out.  Look at the shoe box in your pocket. It’s a rock collection. You keep one. Use the rock on the pole and underwear and you have a HAMMER. On the dresser is a display case with cards. Use the hammer on the display case to take the CARDS out. Now your stick is broken but you have the cards.

Go to the hallway and look at the other door. It’s your sisters room. The door is locked. Use the cards on the door to unlock  it. Open the door and look around the room. On the dresser is a jewelry box. Open it. You take the NECKLACE with the missing gemstone.


Look at the back wall. It has a table painted on it. Touch the wall. It’s solid. Take the object from the wall. It’s a BUTTERKNIFE. Left and right of the wall are beams. Use the butterknife on the beams to loosen the screws. Touch the back wall again. Oops.

Near the alter is a BOOK. Take it and read it. It’s about magic. You’ll learn that to control a demon, you need to wear an item with a piece of yourself in it. Then you must say the name of the demon. Go to the bookshelf. Look at the crystaliser. Look at the broken pole in your pocket. It’s sharp and you cut yourself. Pick up the crystaliser again. Your blood will now crystalize into a GEMSTONE. Use the stone in your pocket on the necklace in your pocket. One necklace repaired. Leave the room and go to your own room.

Take a look at the doll house stored in your dresser. There’s a DIARY inside. Read the diary in your pocket. So her name is Simi. Leave the room and go to Simi. Talk to her.

Tell her her real name and show her the necklace. Walk down the stairs. Lunch is served…..

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  1. Good game, I didn’t like how i didnt find the diary in the dollhouse the first time i checked it though. It was a bit confusing.

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