You’re contestant in a television show.

Each contestant will be tortured until he shouts “I give up!”.  After Genie has explained the rules and each contestant has stated his wish, you’re about to say yours. No matter what you say, you want Cecilia back. Then the tortures are chosen and it’s The Beast for you.And then you’re on your way.

Take a FEATHER from the pile of feathers you landed in. Use the skeleton to get a BONE. On the left wall is closed hand with a little switch. Use the bone with the hand to flip the switch and then walk through the door on the right. In the room you can see a fountain. In the left corner are some ROCKS. Take them. Against the wall in the back, right of the torch is another switch. Use it to open the next door on the right. Walk to the right and see a number of pillars in a room of lava.

Walk back to the left and talk to the gargoyle above the fountain. Ask for help and you’ll get a riddle how to cross the pillars. Walk to the right again and jump across the pillars: jump to the north twice. Take the TORCH from the wall. Then jump to the right to the one near the wall, so not the one hat’s close to it. Then from there to the south. Then another one south so you’re at the bottom. Then north to the torch on the right and back to the stone you just jumped from. to the right twice and you’re in front of the door. The door should be open by now.

The room is very dark but you can see an unlit torch. Use your own on this one and you can move a bit further to the right. There’s another unlit one. Use your torch on this one as well and then you can see an unlit torch at the bottom of the screen. Walk over there and light it. Another torch can be seen on the right side. Light this one as well. Then there’s a faint face with red eyes visible. But it’s too dark to see clearly.

Take some of the yellow SEEDS from the ground and walk back through the door on the left. Jump over the pillars to reach the left side and walk further to the left to where you entered your torture. On the north wall, right from the left torch at the height of the skull is a dark hole. Use the torch on the hole to get a KEY out.

Walk to the right and use the key with the fountain to make it a bony key. Walk to the right, jump over the stones but this time to the other door that has a big lock on it. Use the key on the door and use the door to open it. Walk through to the next room. Use the ladder on the right and when the man on the ground wants you to entertain him, use the Kalimba from your inventory on him to entertain him. Then talk to the man to learn his torture. He needs to eat but is allergic to bonemeal.

Jump over the roots at his feet and take the KNIFE from the tree. Jump back again and walk to the bush near his head. Use the bush to take some FLOWERS. Walk down the right side of the bush to climb down the ladder. Walk through the door on the left and jump the stones to the left again.You’ll hear a secret door.  Talk to the gargoyle above the fountain and ask about the secret door. He’ll tell you about the left eye of the fountain. Use the bone from your inventory on the left eye of the skull of the fountain and the secret door will open. Walk into the treasure room.

Talk to the fairy in the cave and agree to set her free. Now the FAIRY will come with you. Leave the room on the south and walk to the right. Jump over the stones to the room with the ladders and look at the wall with the torches. Next to the lower torch is a little hole. Use the hole and find a mirror below the door. Use the fairy from your inventory on the mirror and she’ll get the MIRROR for you. Leave the little hole and climb the ladder on the left.

The man on the island wants to know what you’re doing there. No matter what reason you give, you need to leave. Use the ladder on the right and give the mirror to the contestant. Talk to him and ask him to give up. He won’t. Give the flowers to Echo and she’s happier now.  She wants you to take the ROPE so pick it up. Walk to the south on the right side of the bush. Downstairs talk to the fairy in your inventory and ask if the fairy can help someone else. Use the ladder on the left again and when you have to say what you’re doing here, tell the contestant you can cure his sister.

The contestant will take the fairy and give up. Walk half way to the lower branch and jump on it. Walk to the left on the branch. In your inventory use the bone with the rope and use the combination on the upper branch to climb up. Walk to the right until you can take the BOTTLE out of the tree.  Use the rope on the left again to climb down and take it back and walk to the right on the lower branch. At the end jump of and walk to the left to leave the island.

Walk through the door on the left and when at the fountain use the bottle with the fountain. You’re not allowed to. Talk to the gargoyle and ask what you must do to get the water.You must give a feather and answer a riddle. Since you have a feather you can ask the riddle. When you’re presented with the answers, select “Music” to learn that the gargoyle can’t stand music.

Use the Kalimba with the gargoyle and he’s letting you take the water. Use the bottle with the fountain to get some magic WATER. Walk to the right and jump the stones to the upper door on the right. Climb the ladder on the right and use the water with the bowl of food on the table with the gnome. Then talk to the man on the ground and tell him you you’ve heard they’re serving him bonemeal. He’ll then give up and leave.

You’re the only contestant left so you have to face your own torture. Walk south to the right of the bush and down the stairs. Walk through the opening on the left and drop the yellow seeds next to the door. Then jump down to the door on the south and walk through. Use the torch on the right of the red eyes. Now you can see what was waiting for you all that time.

Quickly walk to the exit on the left before the monster gets you. When you’re in the room with the stepping stones again, jump to the left, the monster will go to the one with the yellow seeds. Once it’s eating there, use the stones from your inventory to kill the monster.  Jump to the right and walk through the door. In the north wall is now an opening. Walk through the opening and you’ll drop down into a huge spider web. Use the knife on the web to cut yourself loose and once you’re standing again, try to climb the thick webbing just above the web. You’ll have to face another attack from a monster. Use the knife or the bottle with water on the belle of the beast and once it’s hurt, use your Kalimba to soothen the beast and let it fall asleep.

Use the thick webbing above the monster again to climb up and then you’re back in the studio. The host will congratulate you and ask for your wish. Tell him you want a cold. That way the host, Genie, will lose his power. When Genie refuses, you get help from unexpected sources.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  1. Very good WT..but really without it , game can be hardly compleate..lot of *or walkikn or jumping* prevent to know pazlle.
    But game is very nice/Thanks

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