You need to get into the house.

Walk between the house and the shed to the side of the house. Look through the window of the door to see a key on the table. Next to the door is a BALL. Pick it up and walk back to the road. Walk further to the left,  to the big tree. Look at the small hole in the tree to find something in it. Use the hole to get a DOG WHISTLE out.

We need to lure that dog out of his house. Talk to the dog to learn that normally it only comes out for food. Puke into the bowl (use the hand on yourself) and th dofg will be having dinner. Use the ball on the dog to get his attention and let him listen to you. Once the ball is returned,  walk to the right and go in between the shed and the house to the back door again. Use the dog whistle to call the dog.

Use the ball on the dog to let him run inside and get the keys…. Not. The dog returned a leash. Pick up the LEASH and walk back to the road. Walk to the left and use the leash on the tree. Then use the leash to climb onto the roof of the shed. Use the board on the roof to move is and create an opening. Use the opening to go… fall in.

In the shed it’s very dark. Feel around looking for things until you find the lightswitch. It’s in the center of the screen. Use the switch so you can see what you’re doing. Pick up the BROKEN LADDER. On the shelves in the back are some NAILS on the left and on the table is a HAMMER. Against the wall on the right is a CROWBAR. Look at the table and use the table to climb out of the shed again and use the leash to get down the shed. Use the crowbar on the loose board of the dog house to get the … pile of rubbish. Use it to take one BOARD from the pile.

In the inventory use the board on the broken ladder. Then use the nails on the ladder and finally use the hammer to tighten the nails. One fine ladder. Walk to the right and in between the shed and the house go around the back. Use the ladder on the balcony and use the ladder to climb up. Use the balcony door to go inside.

Mission accomplished.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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