You crashed with your zeppelin.

You’re standing next to a CHUNK OF METAL. Pick it up and walk a bit to the right. In sea you can see another piece. Pick up that CHUNK OF METAL. Look at it and you can see some pieces of metal stuck to it. It’s a magnet! Walk further to the right and pick up the STEEL PLATE.  Walk all the way to the right and see that Hindenburg is on the other side. You must see that you cross the stream.

Look at the pile of debris behind you. You move it a bit and a cable comes out, together with a STEEL PLATE #2, a handful of BOLTS, a STEEL PIPE and some RAGS. Use the sharp piece of metal from your inventory on the cable to cut it. The pick up the CABLE.

Use the cable with the steel pipe and use the magnet with the cable and pipe to create a fishing rod. Use the rod on the stream on the right to get STEEL PLATE #3. Walk all the way to the left until you can pick up STEEL PLATE #4. Next to it is a red-hot pile of scrap metal.  You can’t pick that up with your bare hands.


Use the rag on the fishing pole to protect your hands. Use the fishing pole on the heap of metal to lift another steel plate from it. But it’s still red hot. Use the rod with plate attached to it on the water to cool it down and you have STEEL PLATE #5.Walk further to the left to find a DEVICE at the end of the beach. Pick it up.

Walk all the way to the right until you reach the stream. In your inventory use all five plates on each other to connect them. Use them in order. Then use the bolts on them to secure them. Use the sharp piece of metal on the plates to secure the bolts and you have a makeshift bridge.  Put the plates over the stream and walk to the other side.

Use the pile of garbage to free Hindenburg. Now you need to find a way to get off the island. Give the device to Hindenburg and he’ll want something to loosen the screws. Give him the sharp piece of metal and he’ll unscrew the device. After looking he’ll tell you that a cable is damaged. Use the sharp piece of metal on the rod to separate all pieces and give the cable to Hindenburg. He repairs the device and gives it back.

Use the device on yourself to call for rescue.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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