You have to find out who and where you are.

Take the PILLOW from the bed (1/1) and use your feet on it. A FEATHER (107/108) will slip out. Walk to the left, through the bars. Take the SPOON from the table (1/109), take the SALAD from the table (1/110) and use the spoon with the salad. Your bowl is empty now. Walk to the right and use the spoon on the markings on the wall to open the hole (10/120). Use the tunnel to go through.

Look around and see that you can’t cross the moat. Take the CRANK from the well and return through the tunnel to your cell. Go through the opening on the left to meet some sharks. Behind the sharks you can see a map. On the map you can see which rooms you should be able to go to. Use the bowl on the shark pool to fill it with WATER. Walk through the opening on the right and you’re on the other side of the moat.

Use the dog to pet him and you’ll have some FLEES (2/122). Talk to the dog to learn about the well (3/125). Use the bowl with water on the unlucky tree and the tree isn’t unlucky anymore (5/130). Take a BRANCH from the tree. Go through the opening again, fill the bowl again with WATER and walk back to the garden. Give the water to the dog (10/140). Walk back into the building, use the bowl on the WATER again and enter the dungeon. Give the water to the skeleton (2/142).

Walk to the right and talk to the well. There’s Timmy. You can have the egg if you help him. Drop the cushion down the well and you’ll get the egg (4/146). Pick up the EGG from the ground. Walk to the left and enter the dungeon again, from there use the opening on the left again and look at the picture. It’s a picture of the princess. Use the picture to remove it and reveal a mechanical device behind it. Use the bowl on the shark pool to get WATER again. Then use the crank on the mechanism and the shark pool will be covered. Use the opening on the left to go to the kitchen.

Use the window on the left to open it (1/147). Put the bowl with water on the stove. Put the golden egg in the bowl. When the water and egg are boiling, use the spoon to take the egg out of the water (5/152). Take the bowl with water back from the stove. Use the egg on the egg-cutter and then use the egg-cutter to create slices…. of COINS (12/164).  Walk to the right and enter the dungeon again. Go through the ventilation shaft by using the sand mountain. Take the WIRE next to the fan.

Walk to the left and take the first opening to the secret lab. Use the tank directly to refresh yourself (1/165). To the left of the cabin is the teleporter but when you look at it you can see the connection wire is missing. Use the wire on the teleporter (7/172).

Go through the door on the left and use a coin on the Energy-O-Mat. The electrode will buzz and on the side of the machine is now a PHOTO. Take it from the machine and go to the right.

From here use the door on the right to go to the command center. Use the bowl with water on the palm tree to prevent it from dehydration (33/205).

Use a coin on the coffee machine to get a cup of COFFEE and take it from the machine. In the desk is a cabin and when you use it you’ll find a REMOTE. Use the remote on the screens above the desk: on the left, the Asia Pact, in the middle IGB and on the right The West Alliance.

Walk back to the room left and use the branch on the lock of the cabin door to open it and take the LASERPOINTER out. Use the laserpointer on the tripod next to the globe.  Use the photo on the tripod as well (4/209). Put a coin on the globe (25/226) and then use the laser.

Walk back to the command room on the right. Use the remote on the screens again and all want you to be the world leader.Take the CONTRACT from the fax machine. Walk to the room on the left and use the teleporter. This will teleport you to the world conference.

Put the coffee on the table. Put the contract on the table. Use the feather with the coffee first then use the feather on the contract to sign it (3/229). We have a new world leader. Use the beam to go to your office. Walk through the door on the right to end the game.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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