You need to get the thief of the exclamation mark!

Visit the town monument and talk to the witness. But he won’t talk since he’s not in a good mood. So talk about himself and tell him he has a keen mind regarding politics, comment his religious views and applaud his choice in entertainment. The man cheers up and when you ask him again about the monument, he’ll answer. Ask him where he went and now the man is cheered up, he doesn’t want to answer your second question.

Talk about himself and tell him he has a closed mind regarding politics, ignorant about religion and has a terrible taste for entertainment. He’s now depressed so ask the second question. You now know where he went.  For the third question, the man is too emotional. Talk about himself again and tell him you don’t agree completely with his political view, you disagree with his beliefs and that the preferred form of entertainment is different. He’s now apathetic.

Ask him if there’s anything else he remembers and he’ll tell you about Friday. Leave the monument and go to the soda stand. Talk to the vendor and she’ll tell you about Friday. But when you ask about the person she sold it to, she needs to make a phonecall first but can’t Offer your help and use the phone.

Push the second button, the fourth, the third and the first and you’ve got the right person to postpone the order. Talk to the vendor again and ask about the person she sold Friday to. She can’t remember but she refers you to the girl seeking balance. Leave the stand and visit the park.

Ask the picnicker about the man with top hat and she’ll refer you to Elder Steve. But she’ll only tell you where he is when you can tell her the natural order of things. Look at the blanket. It’s something she has one. Look at the city, it changes every second. Look at the tree, she likes to sit under three. Look at the basket, you know what it’s four.

That’s the right order and she’ll tell you about the dumps. Go there and talk to the dump dweller. But his not convinced about your sincerity. Tell him his beard is longer than most men’s, he has a really big place, a variety of food and that there’s lots of stuff to look at.He’ll tell you about the house in the woods and you need to ask the police about it.

Leave the dump and go to the suburbs. Talk to the officer who will discuss it with the mayor. But then Count Can’t shows up. When you interrupt, you need to battle it out by using the right phrases in your rap. Select every sentence that ends with an exclamation mark to defeat the Count.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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