Your car doesn’t work anymore and if we want to go on vacation, we need to fix it first. We need oil, and we need the keys. Look at the keyrack. The yellow keys, the car keys, are on it but are stapled to the rack. Go through the door on the left and walk to the north. Pretty dark in here. Use the lightswitch at the right of the door to get a better view.

Look at the shelf (the brown stripe). Near the door you can see there’s something on it, but you’re not sure what. Pick up the BROOM and use the broom on the shelf on the left. A crowbar will fall down. Pick up the CROWBAR.  Leave the storage room and go back into the kitchen.

On the stove is a piece of bacon. Pick up the BACON and use it on the microwave on the right. It sizzles and becomes OIL. Return to the garage and use the crowbar on the yellow key. Then pick up the yellow KEY. Use the yellow key on the car (5/5). Then use the oil (bacon) on the car (don’t mind the message about the keys).  Use the car to drive off to your holiday destination.

Look at the broom. It’s a rare talking broom. Talk to the broom and  discover that your car got stuck in a pothole. Look at the pothole. It’s been tampered with. Put your hand in the pothole to find a … mousetrap. Not being scared you grab again and get the tape out (or cup?).  Talk to the broom again and it’ll disappear. Pick up the end of the pipe on the yellow box. It held some pieces of METAL (10/15).


In your inventory, use the tape (cup) on the metal to tie them together.  Now use the metal bar on the ring of the yellow box to turn them into DIAMONDS. Now you can pay the broom. Use the diamonds on the red door on the right.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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