In school:

Talk to Wile E. Bauer. Ask him what he’s doing and he’ll give you the SCHOOL ADMONISION. You need to copy them. On the desk is some money. Try to take it. It’s stuck. Talk to secretary lady behind the desk. Tell her that all secretary ladies should have been executed. When she tell’s you she’s forgotten tell her the SVP is coming. She’ll hide behind the desk and won’t pay attention to the money for a while. Pull the MONEY from the desk (not pick up). Give the money to the secretary lady and ask her to change the bills. You get the COIN in return. Use the coin on the blue copier, barely rising over the desk. Use the school admonition on the copier. Oops.

Talk to the secretary lady again and ask her about the three holy stones. She’ll tell you about the three stones and who has them now. Ask her where you can find those people and you’ll learn their whereabouts. On the left is now an open cabinet. The green bottle contails VALIUM. Take it. Use the valium on Wile E. Bauer. It doesn’t calm him down much. In his pocket is a key. You can only take the KEY if he’s moving his arms. So take the right moment. Use the key on the door on the right and then walk through the door.


Pick up the BOOK from the trashcan. Look at the book. It’s about Egyptian Astronomy. There’s a note in it. On the pin board on the left is a NAIL. Take it out. Talk to the proletarian on the right, who’s blocking the door and hail 1000 years of VSP and he’ll step aside. Open the door to Schaeffers office.

Shaeffers Office:

Talk to Alois Frank. He’s sitting behind the desk, right next to you. Tell him you’ve heard lots about him and ask him how his family is doing. Ask him about his wife, his son and then that it was a pleasure talking to him. He’ll agree and give you his VIP PASS. To the right of Bernhard Jablonski is a LIGHTER lying on the TV. Take it. Leave the room through the door on the left.


Talk to the intellectual on the left about the fact that you understand their party. He doesn’t believe you. Yell him that revolution was the only way out and that it marks the liberation of the intellect. Go on about that it symbolises the previlege of the intellect versus experience. Conclude with the message that revolution isn’t destructive but creative and he’ll finally step aside so you can go to the airport.

Airport – Nepal:

Talk to Karin Plodeck. You must give your VIP pass to the waiter before you can talk to her. Ask her to give you the stone. When she thinks she didn’t hear you right, confirm it. You can have it, but she wants pirates gold in return. Leave her for now and pick up the BUCKET. You can only do that when the waiter is looking aside so be quick. Leave again for the airport.

Airport – Crete:

Select Crete on the map. Pick up the piece of shovel standing against the wall. Talk to Dr. Buhmann. He’ll give you a SCREWDRIVER. Greet him and tell him you’ve come from the college. He doesn’t want to hear about it. Unless… Tell him to forget and he’ll request thebanic pearl from Egypt. So let’s find one. Leave to the left to the airport.

Airport – Amazon:

Talk to the peppebird. Use it’s own language: use ‘krak’ and he’ll understand. Start with ‘krak gold’, then ask ‘krak where’. You’ll learn the southern hemisphere. Walk into the cave back to the airport.

Airport – Egypt:

Pick up the WOODEN STAFF next to the entrnace. Then leave again to the airport.

Airport – Caribic Island:

Use the wooden staff with the piece of shovel to repair the shovel. Use the shovel on the X in the sand. Use your whip on the bucket and use the draw device on the hole. Use the device as long as there’s something to dig up. You’ll find DEEP SEA FISH, a MICRONESIC DIARY, an INDONESIAN FLAG, a CAR TYRE, a TITANIC FRAGMENT, a RUSSIAN SONAR BUOY, a TRANSISTOR, a ROCK, a SATELLITE and an ALBATROS HEAD. Pull the palm tree to pick up the TREASURE CHEST. Leave the island by walking to the airport. Can’t you see? It’s on the right side of the palm tree.

Airport – Nepal:

Give the chest to Karin Plodeck. You’ll get a STONE in return. Look at the stone. That’s no stone. It’s PIZZA DOUGH, MUSHROOM and SALAMI. Talk to Karin Plodeck and tell her it was a pizza. Then she’ll give you the read SCHOOLORDERSTONE. Leave Nepal again by going to the airport.

Airport – Egypt:

You must get to the idol. Look at the Egyptian Astronomy book again and look at the symbols on the note. You must follow the same pattern otherwise you’ll die. Once at the idol we need to make a device. Detach the shovel. Use the deep sea fish on the albatros’ head. Use the nail with the albatros bill. This way you get scissors. Use the scissors with the wooden stick from the shovel. Now your stick is cut in two. Use one half stick to put on the idol. This to keep the idol open and you can get the PEARL. Leave the way you came. It’s tricky so save often. Leave for the airport.

Airport – Crete:

Give the pearl to Dr. Buhmann. Talk to him. It doesn’t matter what you say, he’ll keep talking untill you’re going mad. When you’ve had it with him and want to walk away, he’ll give you the SCHOOLORDERSTONE. Use both SOS’es together. Go back to the airport.

Airport – Amazon:

Talk to Henry Raunes and let’s talk. Tell him he hasn’t changed and he’ll bring up his satellite problem. Tell him you’ll help him and exit through the cave entrance to the airport.

Airport – Nepal:

Talk to Karin Plodeck.   Tell her it was a pleasure and she’ll ask you to sit down and have a drink. Thank her for the offer but refuse and she’ll give you the NEPALESE DRINK to take with you. Leave again for the airport.

Airport –  Amazon:

Talk to Henry Raunes and let’s talk again. Ask him if he needs something from Germany.  Use the Nepalese drink on the lighter to fill it. Use  the lighter to see if it’s working. Walk over to the television inside the house and use the screwdriver on the television to open it. Use the lighter to get a better look. There are a lot of components but pull the damaged wires. Allthough you can’t reach it, you manage to do something. Talk to Heinz Shaffer and ask him for the School Order Stone. He’ll give it and you drop it.

Walk to the end of the branch untill you’re over the hole in the roof. Wait here untill the branch kraks. Walk to the tree and pick up the stone under it. The stone floats away. Talk to Henry Raunes again. He’s not happy. You’ve broken his satellite and didn’t bring anything from Germany. Leave for the airport and go back to school.


Enter the office of Schaffer. Walk over to the wall with partitions, to the right of Wolf Bauroth. In the partitions is a PARCEL. Take it out and look at it. It contains the autograph and the T-shirt. Talk to Dr. Jablonski and tell him about the physiognomy. And while on the subject … morphology investigate the appearance of organism. And physiology is fun and mikrobiology isn’t botany. He’ll give you an ARCHAIV ADAPTER. Leave through the exit and go to the airport.

Airport – Amazon:

Use the adapter with the antenna socket. Search for it somewhere on the wall. That seems to work. Give the parcel to Henry Raunes. Then talk to Henry Raunes. Ask him if he knows where to find the stone that fell in the creek. Tell him you know he has it. Tell him that it is for the restauration of the educational system. The he must listen to you. You tell a lot og nonense until he’ll wonder what he’s done. Tell him that you can only achieve it with the stone. He’ll give you the third SCHOOL ORDER STONE. Use it on the other two pieces. The order is restored.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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