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On the table, next to the screen is your WALLET. Pick it up (1/1) and look at it in your inventory to see the two COINS in it (1/2). Walk to the right to leave the house and to the left to enter town. There’s a fortune teller but he wants three coins to tell your future. You only have two. Walk further to the left and talk to the lady behind the stall.

Ask her what she has for sale and she has a main board and some flowers. Take the MAINBOARD and you’ll pay her one coin (1/3). Walk to the right twice and walk into the house. Use the mainboard on the keyboard on the table (1/4) and use the power supply to connect it to the board as well (1/5). But the moment you do that, lightning strikes. Then you’re in a coma.

Look at the girl next to you and you’re in love (1/6). But then you realise you’re in a dream. You’re taken to the hospital and there the dream continues. On the tree to your left are two notes. Take the left NOTE from the tree (1/7). Look at the note in your inventory to see that the castle is recruiting guards. Use the note left on the tree (1/8). It has a picture of Emilie, daughter of the king on it. It was the girl sitting next to you earlier. She’s missing for quite some time now.


Walk north to reach the castle. Give the note you took from the tree to the guard (1/9) and you’re alowed to enter the castle to become a guard. But then a war starts and the king wants all guards at the battlefield. You must fight the enemy. Look at the soldier on the right (1/10) . His face is covered by a big helmet. Use the soldier to fight him and when you can hit the helmet, you find out it’s not a boy but it’s Emilie (1/11) .She doesn’t hesitate and hits you with her sword. At that moment, you wake up in the hospital.

While you were in a coma, your dog died. Walk to the right to see the grave of the dog.  Walk to the left three times to visit the lady behind the stall. This time take the FLOWERS and you’ll pay her (1/12). Walk to the right three times to visit the grave again and use the flowers on the grave of the dog (1/13). Then your sister comes to visit you. She wants you to have some happier times so she takes you to the fortune teller.

The fortune teller will talk about Emilie and the witch. Then the fortune teller suddenly disappears. Talk to Jenny about the disappearance. Walk to the right to return home (1/14). There you’ll go to bed and have another dream. You’re at the lake again, this time without Emilie. Use the grass  (1/15) and suddenly your dog walks towards you. Tim wants you to follow him so walk to the right and then to the south where you will find a door in the middle of the field (1/16).

Use the door to enter a new world (1/17). You’re on the battlefield again and you can see Emilie is there as well. But also the witch Ekrada. It becomes clear that the soldiers are an illusion. Emilie is just a slave. Ekrada orders Emilie to kill you and when she uses the spell she was tought, she doesn’t use it the right way. Ekrada is killed and Emilie is hanging on the edge of a gorge created by the spell. Take Emilies hand to rescue her (1/18).

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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