You must stop the Entertainer from playing. It’s getting annoying.

Walk over the blue path until the platform. To go there, move the mouse over the bottom part of the blue path until the arrow points south. Then click and you’re on the blue path. Walk towards the platform and you can see a button on the back of the red block. It says: Grammophone.Visible = true. But you can’t reach the button.

Click on the bottom part of the blue path again to leave the blue path. Then look at the box in the air that asks for the magic word. Something is written on the side but to read it you’ll have to get up on that red part. At the back of the purple block the arrow starts pointing north. Click there and all of a sudden you’re on top of the red part. Now you can read the side of the text box. It says: “–, Ego, Superego” Now that’s a famous part of the “structural model of the psyche” by Dr. Freud. So what was the first part? The magic word is “Id”.

Click on the front of the textbox and enter Id as magic word. Something will drop on the purple beam.

Click just below where you’re standing and the arrow is pointing down to get down the red part. Then click to the right of the purple beam to climb on it and walk towards the box in front. You can now pick up the BOX. Look in your inventory to see it’s a Doom-box.

Click on the bottom part of the blue path again to follow the path and walk until the platform. Open the inventory, grab the Doom-box and use it on the end of the blue path to use it as a step to get onto the platform. Use the box to climb up. Now you can push the button.

The grammophone becomes visible. You can click the grammophone to stop it playing the Entertainer. You did it! But remember: every action has a reaction….

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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