You tell the story of how you ended up in this cell.

After entering the lighthouse and not being able to leave, you have to find another way to eascape. Use the valve on the machine on the left and the ladder drops down. Use the ladder to climb to the next floor.

On the desk is a diary. Look at it to read a very strange sentence: Wardrobe Key Mice Like Long Metal Grass After Turning Off The Light. Hmmm…. Start by turning off the light. Pull the LIGHTCORD and it comes off… Climb down again and use the cord on the window. One of the bars is not too tight so after a good pull the BAR comes out.

Look at the window to find a damp patch of grass. Use the cord on the window again to rip a piece of the GRASS. Climb the ladder again. Use the grass with the bar. So that’s the long metal grass. Use it on the mousehole and there’s your KEY. Use the key on the lock of the wardrobe and inside you’ll find a ladder.


Climb the ladder to the next floor. Pick up the jar with GREASE and look around. Not much you can do: boxes are closed, doors are locked. Use the ladder to go down and use the next ladder as well. Use the grease on the machine on the left so the buttons work again. This gave a clicking noise on one of them.

Climb the ladder again, use the key on the wardrobe and climb the ladder inside. Use the door that’s now unlocked and walk up the spiral staircase. Open the door at the top and enter the machine room. Looking at the label you need the battery in the storage  room below but you can’t open the box. Look out the window and then use the window.

Hanging on the ledge you can’t reach the stone that’s sticking out of the wall. But you can use the cord on that stone. Use the cord and swing to the lower window. Once inside you’ll meet Uncle Fred and he’ll tell you the whole story. So you had to be sacrificed. You manage to get out of the room.

Use the cord hanging from the ceiling to climb to the next level. Look around the room. Take the TRANSMITTER and climb the ladder to the next level. You’ll find Harold here. Pick up the CROWBAR and use the door to go outside the tower. Put the transmitter on the floor and use the door again to go inside. Go down the ladder and use the CB to call for help. But that didn’t work out so well.

Climb down the rope. Use the door to leave the machine room and climb down the stairs in the staircase. In the storage room climb down the ladder again and also use the ladder in the bedroom. You’re back at the level where you started. Use the crowbar on the trapdoor in the floor and when you’re in that strange room use the rope going down the pipe.

You’ll pass out because of the gass and end up in the cell… that’s the story up till now but you smell gass again. Well… at least you’re out.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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